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NI Railways
Clipperstown station, Carrickfergus (2) - - 1734994.jpg
Location Carrickfergus
Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Coordinates 54°43′3″N 5°48′59″W / 54.71750°N 5.81639°W / 54.71750; -5.81639Coordinates: 54°43′3″N 5°48′59″W / 54.71750°N 5.81639°W / 54.71750; -5.81639
Owned by NI Railways
Operated by NI Railways
Platforms 2
Structure type At-grade
Key dates
1925 Station opened
2008 Station refurbished
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Clipperstown railway station serves the west of Carrickfergus in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Clipperstown station is within walking distance of (and clearly visible from) the larger Carrickfergus station, however road connections between the two are much more complicated. The timetable allows two minutes for the train to travel from Clipperstown to Carrickfergus.

The station was opened on 1 April 1925.[1]


On Mondays to Fridays, there is a half-hourly service to Great Victoria Street with extra trains at peak times. In the other direction, there is a half-hourly service with the terminus alternating between Whitehead and Larne Harbour every half an hour, with extra services to Carrickfergus at peak times.

On Saturdays, the service remains half-hourly, with less trains at peak times.

On Sundays, the service reduces to hourly operation in both directions.

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