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C-Bus is a home-automation product range from the Clipsal brand owned by Schneider Electric. Since 1994[1] it has grown to include approximately 400 products.[2] It is primarily used as a Lighting control system but also supports other automation functions such as irrigation and security.

The initial products were labelled as 'C-Bus'. The branding became 'C-Bus 2' in 2001 with the introduction of a feature called Learn Mode, however products of either branding are compatible and can be used together.

C-Bus products communicate using an open protocol of the same name, relayed via a pink cable that carries both power and data. Some products require an additional mains supply.

A single bus segment, referred to as a 'C-Bus network', can address 255 individual devices. Commercial installations can comprise a number of interconnected networks which are linked together by the use of bridges.

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