Clique (vodka)

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Clique vodka.png
Type Vodka
Manufacturer Premier Innovations Group
Country of origin Latvia
Introduced 2010 in United States
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Clique is a brand of vodka. It is produced in Latvia and imported to the United States, where it is sold by Premier Innovations Group, a Pittsburgh-based company with headquarters in the Strip District.[1] Clique is a "mid-shelf vodka," with a target price of about $16 per bottle, as opposed to "premium" vodka, like Grey Goose.[1][2] This allows the brand to focus on targeting a relatively a younger demographic.[1]

The vodka was first sold in Pennsylvania in 2010; Tennessee in 2011; Ohio and West Virginia in 2012.[1] In May 2012, Premier Innovations Group reached a distribution deal with Total Wine & More to sell the vodka in 12 other states and Puerto Rico and India.[1]

It was the Silver Medal for Taste in the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.[1]

Known Clique sponsorships:

  • WERA Motorcycle Racer Aaron Borello [1]
  • Goldyard, an Atlanta-based music group [2]

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