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*[ Interview on 2010]
*[ Interview on 2010]
*[ The Musicians' Olympus: Clive Edwards]
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[[Category:1953 births]]

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Clive Edwards
Genres Hard rock
Instruments Drums
Years active 1973 – present
Associated acts UFO
Pat Travers
Wild Horses

Clive Edwards (born 19 January 1953, London, England) is a drummer, who is best known as a former member of the British band, UFO (from August 1989 to June 1993). Clive also features on the Bronz second album " Carried By The Storm " link title released on 01/01/10.


Clive Edwards is probably best known for playing with hard rock bands that have included outstanding guitarists, such as Pat Travers, Brian Robertson (Wild Horses), Uli Jon Roth (Electric Sun), Bernie Marsden, John Cale, and Laurence Archer of Medicine Head, and UFO.

There are also many other projects out side of just hard rock, such as working with Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer with Zaine Griff, and also Sally Oldfield.

Clive Edwards has played on many albums, most famously the acclaimed UFO albums High Stakes & Dangerous Men, Headstone, Lights Out in Tokyo Live and the legendary Uli Roth Earthquake. Clive Edwards formed a new band in 2007 called WireHead[1]. He is also involved with the re-formed British heavy rock band Stampede who toured in the summer of 2009[2] and also the AWE Band.

Clive Edwards started playing at an early age, and formed a band with Ian Raines while they were at school together called Stallion. They made an appearance on a BBC Television show for Schools and later went on to become Rococo (they are now playing together again in WireHead). A lot of this early information can be found on the Rococo web site. After the Rococo recordings, Clive has gone on to recorded and performed with UFO, Wild Horses, Pat Travers, Phil Lynott, Dave Stewart, Annie Lennox, John Cale, Ollie Halsall, Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden, SOS, Chris Thompson, Lionheart, Uli Jon Roth, Electric Sun, Neil Merryweather and Grand Prix. The full list of recordings seen here can be found on Clive's own web pages.


Screaming Lord Sutch

  • Jack The Ripper (1975)


  • Ulta Star (1973)
  • The Living Rock (1975)
  • Hoodlum Fun (1976)

Pat Travers Band

  • BBC 1 Live In Concert (1977)

Neil Merryweather

  • Differences (1978)

Filthy McNasty

  • Live - A Week at the Bridge E16 (1978)

Uli Roth Electric Sun

  • Earthquake (1979)

Wild Horses

  • The First Album (1980)
  • Stand Your Ground (1981)
  • BBC In Concert 1981

Zaine Griff

  • Tonight (1979)

John Cale

  • For Your Neighbour's Wife (Live from Eindhoven Stadium June 21 1980)

Bernie Marsden's SOS

  • Reading Rock Volume One (1982)
  • The Friday Rock Show Sessions (1982)


  • Unearthed - Raiders Of The Lost Archives (comp.) (1999)

Laurence Archer

  • Laurence Archer - L.A. (1986)


  • UFO - Headstone (1983)
  • High Stakes & Dangerous Men (1992)
  • Lights Out In Tokyo Live (1992)
  • Live TNT - UFO (1994)
  • Doctor Doctor (1995)
  • UFO The X-Factor: Out There & Back (1998)
  • Then and Now (2002)
  • One of Those Nights - The Anthology (2006)


  • Losing Ground (2008)



  • U.F.O. - The Story Of U.F.O. - Too Hot To Handle DVD


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