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Clive Holden
Occupationpoet, visual artist
Notable worksTrains of Winnipeg, Utopia Suite
SpouseAlissa York

Clive Holden is a Canadian new media[1] artist, filmmaker[2] and poet[3] from Victoria, British Columbia, he is currently living in Toronto with his wife, writer Alissa York.

Holden's art focuses on the usage of many kinds of visual art media, and on seeing how they relate to each other with a special interest in the charged spaces between artistic media, genres, and subcultures.

New Media[edit]

In the inaugural exhibition in 2013 of UNAMERICAN UNFAMOUS[4] at the Ryerson Image Centre, Holden worked with archive photographs and snap shots submitted by the general public via social media, along with pulsating film leader loops, in a large scale media wall composition. The public was asked to nominate their "favourite unfamous unAmericans" for inclusion in the work. The various media were composed using a musical analogy for over-all structure, where the visuals were intended to be "listened to" rather than viewed in the normal sense. Hundreds of randomization algorithms were also included in the work's code, so that the work's creation wasn't 100% completed until the moment it was viewed, and it could never be viewed the same way twice.

Media Mediated[5] (2013) is an ongoing series of new media works, net art works, and chromogenic prints. They interrelate in spite of their disparate natures as either ephemeral time-based net art works and installations, or more traditional art objects. Their juxtapositions highlight what they have in common as well as their differences.

Trains of Winnipeg[edit]

Holden's best-known and publicized project to date is the award-winning[6] "film poem" series Trains of Winnipeg,[7] a collection of 14 short films featuring Holden's poetry with musical accompaniment by Christine Fellows, John K. Samson, Jason Tait, Steve Bates and Emily Goodden. Trains of Winnipeg was screened internationally, a.o. at the IFFR.[8] In it is included the haunting short, 18000 Dead in Gordon Head,[9] in which Holden recalls the shooting of a young girl in Gordon Head, a suburb of Victoria. The 18,000 in the title refers to the average number of murders a television viewer has seen by the time they reach the age of sixteen years.

Utopia Suite[edit]

Currently he is working on his project Utopia Suite,[10] launched at the Holland Festival in Amsterdam (2006),[11] investigating into 21st-century views on utopianism in its broadest sense. Utopia Suite has since been touring art-galleries through Canada.[12] His recent works, UNAMERICAN UNFAMOUS and Media, Mediated are parts of the Utopia Suite project.


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