Clive McCay

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Clive McCay
Born 1898
Died 1967
Institutions Cornell
Known for life extension

Clive Maine, McCay (1898–1967) was an American biochemist, nutritionist, gerontologist, and professor of Animal Husbandry at Cornell University from 1927-1963. His main interest was the influence of nutrition on aging.[1] He is best known for his work in proving that caloric restriction increases the life span of rats, which is seen as seminal in triggering further research and experiments in the field of nutrition and longevity.[2] As of 2011 scientists are still trying to understand the connection between caloric restriction and longevity.

Following his discovery between a low calorie diet and longevity, McCay played a prominent role in the development of nutritionally-sound rations during World War II, and the creation of Cornell Bread, a type of high protein, high vitamin bread meant to echo the same high protein vitamin meal he fed to his mice in longevity experiments. His further research centered on canine nutrition, fluoride and its use in water treatment, and parabiosis.[3]

Dr. Clive McCay at Cornell University reported in 1958 that one part per million of sodium fluoride added to the drinking water of rats caused the reversal of the possible evidence of causing a harder tooth enamel, (although probably an abnormal form that is more brittle). He found that in fact it created tooth decay where it otherwise did not exist, and further caused kidney cell breakdown in the older rats.[4]


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