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1939 edition

Clochemerle is a 1934 French satirical novel by Gabriel Chevallier. It is set in a French village in Beaujolais, inspired by Vaux-en-Beaujolais[1][2] and deals with the ramifications of the installation of a new urinal in the village square.


There was a 1972 BBC television serial based on the novel, with Ray Galton and Alan Simpson adapting the text. Filmed on location in France, it starred Roy Dotrice, Wendy Hiller, Cyril Cusack, Kenneth Griffith, Cyd Hayman, Bernard Bresslaw, Hugh Griffith, Micheline Presle, Madeline Smith, Christian Roberts, Nigel Green, Wolfe Morris and Gordon Rollings, with narration by Peter Ustinov.

The series was shot on location in Colombier-le-Vieux, in the department of Ardeche, south of Lyon. The steam railway there, which appears in the programme, had been restored by enthusiasts the year before shooting.

It was issued as a 2-DVD set by the BBC in 2013.[3]

Episode Titles[edit]

Episode 1 The Magnificent Idea of Barthelemey Piechut, the Mayor
Episode 2 The Triumphant Inauguration of a Municipal Amenity
Episode 3 The Spirited Protest of Justine Putet
Episode 4 The Awful Awakening of Claudius Brodequin
Episode 5 The Painful Infliction of Nicholas the Beadle
Episode 6 The Scandalous Outcome of a Night of Destruction
Episode 7 The Inexorable Power of the Third Republic
Episode 8 The Dreaded Arrival of Captain Tardivaux
Episode 9 The Glorious Triumph of Barthelemey Piechut


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