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ClockStone Software
Software/Animation developer
Industry Video games and 3d multimedia
Founded 2006
Headquarters Innsbruck, Austria
Key people
Michael Schiestl (CEO)
Website ClockStone Software

ClockStone Software is an Austrian video game developer founded in 2006. They specialize in the independent development of video games and 3D multimedia applications.

ClockStone Software is currently licensed to produce games for PC (Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7), Microsoft Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS/DSi.[1] They also offer services in 3D animation production, as well as interactive 3D applications for purposes such as virtual inspections of buildings, 3D presentations of products or services, and the demonstration of complex processes for training lessons.[2]


ClockStone started its game production with the action RPG title Avencast: Rise of the Mage (PC), which was released by the Dutch publishing company Lighthouse Interactive in 2007.[3] The title received on average a decent feedback from the gaming press: 68 out of 100 on metacritic and 69,25% on Gamerankings.[4][5] The next major PC title was GREED: Black Border, a sci-fi themed hack’n’slay developed for the German publisher Headup Games in 2009.[6]

Beside their boxed retail versions, both Avencast and GREED became available on the digital distribution platform Steam in 2010, with the publisher being Canada-based Meridian4.[7][8]

Since 2009, Clockstone has also developed a number of hunting games for laser shooting systems on the PC, among them Small Game Hunting, Boar Hunting, Dove Hunting, Duck Hunting, and Dangerous Safari.

In 2008, ClockStone developed Super Fun Chess, a chess game offering a single player, multiplayer, and tournament mode, for the Nintendo DS together with Russian developer Elephant Games, published by Manchester-based White Park Bay Software. The game uses the chess program Crafty written by professor Dr. Robert Hyatt. The title was first released in France under its French title Télé7 Jeux Echecs in 2008. The international multi-language version was released in 2009.

Select list of ClockStone Games[edit]


  • Avencast: Rise of the Mage[9] (2007/2008)
  • Cross Board Soccer (2008)
  • GREED - Black Border (2009)
  • Small Game Hunting (2009)
  • Boar Hunting (2009)
  • Dangerous Safari (2010)
  • Bubble Ball for AppUp (2010)

Nintendo DS[edit]

  • Super Fun Chess

Mobile Apps (iOS/Android)[edit]

  • Bridge Constructor (2012)
  • Bridge Constructor Playground (2013)

Game engine[edit]

ClockStone Software has developed a high performance real time 3D game engine, AI toolkit, high performance particle engine, and a VSD level editor.[10]


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