Clock Tower, Sialkot

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Clock Tower Sialkot

The Sialkot Clock Tower is situated in Saddar Bazar, Sialkot, Pakistan. It acts like a giant pin, holding the crazy and bustling streets of the main city and the well--planned, relatively tranquil portions of the cantonment area together. Standing tall for more than a century, the tower would have been witness to many a time of upheaval and change. Sheikh Ghulam Qadir and Seth Rai Bahadur laid its foundation stone . In the company of its four clock faces that still keep track of the passing minutes. It has been renovated many a times but the original structure is not changed. There used to be a Hindu temple, right next to it; but, it was torn down during 1992 riots when Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India was dismantled.

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