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ClockworkMod Recovery
Original author(s)ClockworkMod
Repositoryat Github
Written inC, C++[1]
Operating systemAndroid
SuccessorCyanogenMod Recovery[a]
LineageOS Recovery[b]
LicenseApache License 2.0[3] (archived)

ClockworkMod is a software company, owned by Koushik "Koush" Dutta,[4] which develops various software products for Android smartphones and tablets. The company is primarily known for its custom recovery image, ClockworkMod Recovery, which is used in many custom ROMs.[5]

ClockworkMod Recovery[edit]

ClockworkMod Recovery is an Android custom recovery image. Once installed, this recovery image replaces the Android device's stock recovery image. Using this recovery image, various system-level operations can be performed. For example, one can create and restore partition backups, root, install, and upgrade custom ROMs.[6][7]

ClockworkMod Recovery is free and open-source software, released under the terms of the Apache License 2.0 software license.[3] CyanogenMod Recovery is a fork of ClockworkMod Recovery.[a]

Compared to other recoveries[edit]

  • Unlike TWRP, but like the stock recovery, CWM Recovery uses volume buttons to navigate menus.
  • Like the stock recovery, CWM can receive over-the-air updates for ROMs designed for their respective recoveries.
  • Signature verification is not enforced on CWM Recovery, allowing the installation of Custom ROMs.
  • CWM Recovery adds Nandroid backup support.[10] This feature may not be present on CWM Recovery forks or successors.

Other software[edit]

The company also provides the following apps:

  • ROM Manager: An app for installing custom operating systems, known as ROMs. It was briefly pulled for violating Google Play's in-app-purchase policies.[11]
  • Tether: An app used for tethering regardless of carrier restrictions.[12]
  • Helium: An app used to backup user and system data to a phone without the need for root.[5]
  • DeskSMS: An app for sending and receiving text messages from an email, browser, or instant messenger client.[5]
  • AllCast: An app that enables streaming of local and cloud videos to Chromecast, AppleTV, FireTV, and DLNA devices.[5]
  • Vysor: An app that allows mirroring and control of an Android device through a desktop computer. It was temporarily removed due to licensing issues.[13]

See also[edit]

  • TWRP – an alternative to ClockworkMod Recovery


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