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Clochar[1] (Irish)
Location of Clogher, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
Location of Clogher, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
Sovereign stateUnited Kingdom
CountryNorthern Ireland

Clogher (named after the diocese of Clogher) is a barony in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.[2] It is bordered by four other baronies in Northern Ireland: Omagh East to the north; Dungannon Lower to the east; Magherastephana to the south; and Tirkennedy to the south-west.[2] It also borders two baronies in the Republic of Ireland: Trough and Monaghan both to the south-east.


The barony of Clogher was a territory formerly known as Kinel Ferady, an anglicisation of a branch of the Cenél nEóghain, the Cenél Fearadhaigh, meaning kindred/descendants of Ferry. This territory was divided into two ancient districts.[3][4]

The Mac Cathmhaoil (English: McCaul, Campbell, MacCawell, MacCall) were the leading sept of the Cenél Fearadhaigh, and one of the seven powerful septs supporting O'Neill. The Maolgeimridh (English: Mulgomery, Montgomery) and Maolpadraig (English: Mulpatrick, Kilpatrick) septs are recorded as being in possession of the two districts of the Cenél Fearadhaigh at one stage.

The Cenél Fearadhaigh by the 12th century controlled a large portion of County Tyrone and had penetrated deep into County Fermanagh. By the mid-14th century however, the Maguires would break the power of the Cenél Fearadhaigh in Fermanagh.[5]

When the baronies of Ulster were being created by the English around 1585, the general manner was to name it after the principal town or castle lying within the area, in which they held their court, baron, and gaol. This resulted in Kinel Ferady being renamed to Clogher.[4]

List of main settlements[edit]

List of civil parishes[edit]

Below is a list of civil parishes in Clogher:[6]

  • Aghalurcher (split with barony of Magherastephana)
  • Clogher
  • Donacavy (split with barony of Omagh East)
  • Errigal Keerogue
  • Errigal Trough


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