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'''Clone''' may refer to:
'''Clone''' may refer to:
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* [[Clone (B-cell biology)]], a process of immunological B-cell maturation
* [[Molecular cloning|Clone (genetics)]], in molecular biology, an exact replica of all or part of a macromolecule (e.g. DNA)
* [[Cloning]], in horticulture and biology, any organism whose genetic information is identical to that of a "mother organism" from which it was created
* [[Clone (cell biology)]], a group of identical cells naturally derived from a common mother cell; of significance in vertebrate physiology, and concepts related to immunology and cancer biology
* [[Clone (botany)]], plant's asexually reproduced offspring

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Clone may refer to:

kenan is a faggot




  • Clone (Threshold album), a 1998 album by British progressive metal band Threshold
  • Clone (Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon album), the first studio album from Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon. It was released on October 8, 2002, and features the duo performing acoustic originals and cover songs on a variety of instruments
  • Clone (rapper) (born 1984), American rap artist from Modesto, California



Other uses

  • Clone (voting), in voting systems analysis, a candidate identical to one already present in an election
  • Clone Wars (Star Wars), a TV show and movie based around the Star Wars universe
  • The Clone Saga, a controversial story-line from Marvel Comics' Spider-Man comic books

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