Clone (Threshold album)

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Threshold - Clone (Cover).jpg
Studio album by
Released20 November 1998
RecordedJanuary 1998
GenreProgressive metal
LabelGiant Electric Pea
ProducerKarl Groom and Richard West
Threshold chronology
Extinct Instinct

Clone is the fourth studio album by British progressive metal band Threshold, released in 1998. This album is the first to feature longtime singer Andrew "Mac" McDermott and the final album to feature drummer Mark Heaney. In October 2012 Nuclear Blast released a "Definitive Edition", including three bonus tracks.

The album also comes closer than any other by the band to presenting a loose storyline through its songs, describing how the genetic manipulation of humans leads to the development of telepathy, and how these enhanced humans leave the earth to colonize other planets, eventually returning to Earth centuries later.

UK Planet Rock (radio station) DJ Darren Redick features on the introduction to the song 'Goodbye Mother Earth'.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Freaks" (Groom, Jeary) – 5:23
  2. "Angels" (Groom, Midson, West) – 6:42
  3. "The Latent Gene" (Groom, Jeary) – 8:00
  4. "Lovelorn" (Groom, Jeary) – 5:41
  5. "Change" (West) – 4:33
  6. "Life's Too Good" (Groom, Jeary, Midson) – 5:27
  7. "Goodbye Mother Earth" (West) – 7:58
  8. "Voyager II" (Groom, Jeary) – 9:04
  9. "Sunrise On Mars" (West) – 5:47

Definitive Edition[edit]

The 2012 reissue contains three bonus tracks:

  1. "Freaks (Live In Paris)" – 5:24 A song originally included on Concert in Paris
  2. "Change (Live In Paris)" – 4:43 A song originally included on Concert in Paris
  3. "The Latent Gene (Uncut Version)" – 9:12 A song originally included on Replica (Threshold album)


Definitive Edition bonus tracks: