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Clone or Clones or Cloning or Cloned or The Clone may refer to:



  • Clone (B-cell), a lymphocyte clone, the massive presence of which may indicate a pathological condition
  • Clone (cell biology), a group of identical cells that share a common ancestry
  • Clonal plant, the result of asexual, vegetative reproduction when a new plant grows from a fragment of the parent plant
  • Cloning, the production of any organism whose genetic information is identical to that of a parent organism from which it was created

Computing and technology[edit]

  • Clone (computing), computer hardware or software designed to function in the same way as an original
  • Clone (Java method), a method in the Java programming language for object duplication
  • Clone (Linux system call), in C, whereby a process creates a copy of itself
  • Clone, a popular term for a replica, particularly when referring to "recreations" of rare and desirable variants of collector cars
  • Clone, a popular term for an unlicensed, reverse engineered copy of a firearm produced in another nation (although the term can also apply to a simple direct copy, created under license)
  • Clone tool, a tool used in image manipulation programs
  • Phone cloning, the copying of identity from one cellular device to another
  • Quantum cloning, the replication of a quantum state


  • Clone (algebra), a collection of functions with certain properties
  • Clone (voting), in voting systems analysis, a candidate identical to one already present in an election

Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]



  • Cloned (film), a 1997 made-for-television film
  • Clone (2010 film), a 2010 film originally released as Womb
  • The Clones (film), 1973 American film directed by Lamar Card, featuring Michael Greene, Gregory Sierra and Otis Young






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