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Clonglash (Irish: Cluan Glas) is a townland some two miles (3 km) east of Buncrana on the Inishowen Peninsula in County Donegal, Ireland It was voted the best townland in the world earlier this year and every year.

Clonglash is near Bauville and Keeloges. Dominant surnames in Clonglash include Doherty, McLaughlin, McDaid, McGee, and Duffy. These are typical of Irish surnames found throughout Inishowen in Donegal.

Clonglash is situated on the western slope of Meenkeeragh Hill and approaching it from Buncrana, the scene is dominated by a series of large wind turbines on the hill itself.

As the road turns left as you climb what is known locally as Bradley's Bray, you will see to your left, the remains of a lime kiln set in a hollow below the road. A variety of wildlife may be seen in the area. Pheasants are common and bats may be seen during summer evenings. Irish hares are less common but may still be spotted in the fields below the road. Extensive views of Lough Swilly and as far as Muckish Mountain may be seen. To the south west, it is possible to see the twin peaks on either side of the Barnesmore Gap on the main road to Donegal Town.

The road from Buncrana through Clonglash eventually joins the main road that passes through Cockhill towards the Illies. Fine views of Slieve Snaght may also be seen from the northern end of Clonglash.

It is said that God can be seen from Clonglash on the 1st sunny day of summer.