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Directed by Magmatic Studios
Produced by Magmatic Studios
Written by Opachee Team
Starring Opachee Team
Cinematography Magmatic Studios
Edited by Opachee Team
Distributed by VAS Entertainment
Release date
Running time
42 min. approx.
Country Italy
Language English

Clorophilla: Soul, Nature and Bikes is a mountain-biking film released in 2006 and entirely filmed in Abruzzo, Italy. Unlike other freeride mountain-biking movies, where several stars and world-level champions are gathered by a producer, Clorophilla was born from the passion of a group of six friends, who started filming their freeride experiences. After five years and the release of a custom made preview, the Opachee Team eventually met the interest of an international level producer, Magmatic Studios was born, and the film was refined and completed. The world premier was held on June, 23rd 2006 at Massimo Cinema, in L'Aquila, Abruzzo, and was acclaimed by 450 people[1] The USA premier was held June 30, 2006, at Red Bull Elevation, the BMX dirt jump competition held in Whistler, Canada. The UK Premier was held at Glasgow International Bike Film Festival, on October 8, 2006. The distribution was planned worldwide by V.A.S. entertainmentand and was made available in U.S.A. early. The film gained an incredible success, considering the amateur level of the filming, and is regarded as one of the best of 2006, among The Collective and New World Disorder. Clorophilla was admitted at the Sport Movies & TV 24th International Festival,[2] 2006.

The maniacal quality of the film and the amount of time spent filming is unique. As the title suggests, nature itself is represented: the top mountains of Abruzzo, a central Italy region covered by 3 of the 22 Italaian National Parks, are the real protagonist. The Gran Sasso and the Maiella are mountains of about 3000 m, opened on the surrounding hills and smaller mountains. The surrounding area is quite different from the Alpine scene: profiles are less sharp, trees are smaller, the panorama is wider, the distant Adriatic and Tirrenic sea are visible from the higher peaks. The Opachee's film lets feel the love for nature and the true spirit of freeride as a way to live the mountain.


  1. Intro
  2. Big Mother
  3. Caborro
  4. Sunday
  5. Life Blood
  6. Arenaria (means Sand Stone)
  7. Closing Credits


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