Close-Up Vol. 3, States of Being

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Close-Up Vol. 3, States of Being
Suzanne Vega - Close-Up Vol. 3, States of Being.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJuly 11, 2011 (2011-07-11)[1][2]
LabelAmanuensis Productions
Suzanne Vega chronology
Close-Up Vol. 2, People & Places
Close-Up Vol. 3, States of Being
Close-Up Vol. 4, Songs of Family
Professional ratings
Review scores
Sunday Express5/5 stars[3]
AllMusic3.5/5 stars[4]

Close-Up Vol. 3, States of Being is the tenth studio album released by New York-based singer/songwriter and musician Suzanne Vega.[5] The album consists of re-recordings of songs from Vega's back catalogue with stripped-down arrangements that highlight her lyrics and melodies. The songs included are her most haunting songs, which Suzanne used to call the "Mental Health" songs.[1][2]


"Language" was recorded in January 2011,[6] but doesn't appear in the CD track listing. "Penitent" and "Undertow" were recorded in December 2010.[7]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are written by Suzanne Vega, except where noted.

No.TitleWriter(s)Original albumLength
1."Undertow" Suzanne Vega (1985)3:31
2."When Heroes Go Down" 99.9F° (1992)2:06
3."My Favorite Plum" Nine Objects of Desire (1996)2:38
4."Solitude Standing"Suzanne Vega, Michael Visceglia, Anton Sanko, Marc Shulman, Stephen FerreraSolitude Standing (1987)3:59
5."Cracking" Suzanne Vega (1985)2:58
6."Last Year's Troubles" Songs in Red and Gray (2001)3:08
7."Solitaire" Songs in Red and Gray (2001)2:15
8."Tombstone" Nine Objects of Desire (1996)2:47
9."Blood Makes Noise" 99.9F° (1992)3:05
10."50-50 Chance" Days of Open Hand (1990)2:48
11."Penitent" Songs in Red and Gray (2001)4:08
12."Straight Lines" Suzanne Vega (1985)4:03
13."Pornographer's Dream" Beauty & Crime (2007)3:31
14."Instant of the Hour After"Vega, Duncan SheikCarson McCullers Talks About Love (2011)[9][10][11]3:10
Total length:44:09
Amazon/Nimbit bonus tracks
No.TitleWriter(s)Original albumLength
15."Anniversary" Beauty & Crime (2007)3:05
16."Language"Suzanne Vega, Michael ViscegliaSolitude Standing (1987)4:06
Total length:51:19


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