Closet Cases of the Nerd Kind

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Closet Cases of the Nerd Kind
Closet Cases of the Nerd Kind title card.jpg
Directed byRick Harper
Produced byRick Harper
Bob Rogers
Written byRick Harper
Bob Rogers
StarringStan Greiwe
Corey Burton
Sandy Stotzer
Hennan Chambers
Music byLarry Wright
Edited byMarshall Harvey
Distributed byPyramid Films[1]
Release date
Running time
12 min

Closet Cases of the Nerd Kind (1980) is an award-winning short film spoof of the classic science fiction film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The film was written and produced by Rick Harper and Bob Rogers.[2]


In the film, sewage worker Roy Dreary and an number of unusual characters meet up with strange extraterrestrials traveling to earth in a giant pie in the sky. Dreary develops an obsession with mashed potatoes, whipped cream, and maraschino cherries. He encounters singing mailboxes, truck radios that spout bubbles and bubble music, and one pie in the face after another, before finally finding himself at the Sara Loo pie factory-and his close encounter of the nerd kind.

Other characters include a wide-eyed cherubic child, a famous French scientist, a bewildered wife, plus Darth Vader on a motorcycle complaining that he is blocking the road. The film also includes a mysterious code (which turns out to be the first nine digits of the mathematical constant Pi) and an oversized xylophone on which Dreary signals to the aliens. All of the character voices are over-dubbed by voice artists Corey Burton and Sandy Stotzer.


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