Clothes Make the Pirate

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Clothes Make the Pirate
Directed by Maurice Tourneur
Produced by Sam E. Rork Productions
Written by Marion Fairfax
Based on Clothes Make the Pirate
by Holman Francis Day
Starring Leon Errol
Dorothy Gish
Nita Naldi
Tully Marshall
Cinematography Henry Cronjager
Louis Dunmyre
Edited by Patricia Rooney
Distributed by First National Pictures
Release date
  • November 29, 1925 (1925-11-29)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

Clothes Make the Pirate is a 1925 American silent film starring Leon Errol and Dorothy Gish. The film was written by Marion Fairfax from the novel by Holman Francis Day and directed by Maurice Tourneur. It is a lost film, with only a one-minute trailer surviving.


The film is a comedy that centers on a disgruntled 18th century Bostonian, played by Errol, who while wishing that he was a pirate, dons the clothes and play-acts the part. He is mistaken for the real pirate, Dixie Bull (played by Walter Law) whom Errol, of course, bumps into later in the film. More importantly, Errol "slays" the villain and puts his foot upon the pirate's head. This is more than enough and he heads back home to his unappreciated wife, played by Dorothy Gish.



Contemporary reviewers of the time claimed Errol was miscast, perhaps for the comedic cowardice of the part. Variety Magazine gave the film a poor review, stating that the children would like it. However other reviews, such as that in the Los Angeles Times of 10 Jan 1926 gave the film, as a satire, generally good reviews.

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