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Cloud9 IDE
Developer(s) Cloud9 IDE, Inc
Written in JavaScript
Platform Web
Type IDE
License v3 - Freeware, Non-commercial License[1]
v2 - GNU GPL v3[2]

Cloud9 IDE is an online integrated development environment, published as open source from version 3.0. It supports hundreds of programming languages, including C, C++, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, JavaScript with Node.js, and Go. It enables developers to get started with coding immediately with pre-configured workspaces, collaborate with their peers with collaborative coding features, and web development features like live preview and browser compatibility testing.[promotional language]

It is written almost entirely in JavaScript, and uses Node.js on the back-end. The editor component uses Ace. As of July 2014, it uses Docker containers for its workspaces,[3] and is hosted on Google Compute Engine.[4]

Cloud9 IDE, Inc. is the company that actively maintains Cloud9 IDE. The company has offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam.


About the Company[edit]

An Company [8] Founded in 2010 and based in San Francisco and Amsterdam, Cloud9 IDE is a privately held company. Cloud9 IDE raised $5.5 million in Series A funding from Accel Partners and product development software company Atlassian Software.[9]

On 14th July 2016, Cloud9 announced that they have been acquired by Amazon in their blog and an email sent out to its users. [10]


Cloud9 is the native IDE for the BeagleBone Black single board computer, which is primarily programmed in an extension of node.js called Bonescript.

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