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Initial release 2011
Available in English
Alexa rank 62,120 (globally)[1]

CloudHQ is an information technology company based in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2011 by Senad Dizdar, who is currently the CEO. Since 2013, the company has Naomi Assaraf as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and Blaz Lupiscek as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).[2]

CloudHQ synchronizes data across virtually many cloud platforms, such as Gmail.

Data Loss Protection and Backup[edit]

CloudHQ protects against data loss by its replication of data to a backup cloud account. As data loss incidents have steadily risen in recent years[3] so have the costs of data loss incidents.[4]

The cloudHQ backup service works by creating sync pairs between two cloud accounts. These cloud accounts can be through different services or the same service. For instance, data stored in Dropbox can be backed up to Box (or other cloud services), or it can be backed up to a separate Dropbox account. For security purposes, it is recommended that the secondary account does not use the same login authentication values as any other company account.

Data Synchronization[edit]

When a sync pair is created in the cloudHQ service, users are given the option to choose between one-way sync or two-way sync.[5]

One-way sync: Replication will occur from one main cloud service to a secondary account, but if files are added or revised in the secondary account, the changes will not be reflected back to the original account.

Two-way sync: All file additions and revisions made in the main account will be replicated to the secondary account.[6] All file additions and revisions made in the secondary account will be replicated back to the main account. This creates an exact copy of data in both cloud accounts.[7]

Automatic Replication[edit]

The cloudHQ service runs automatically, constantly monitoring the user-specified cloud account for changes. When a new file is added, the file is instantly replicated to the secondary cloud account. All revisions made to existing files are also instantly replicated to the secondary cloud account. The objective of cloudHQ is to provide data synchronization to companies for several purposes:

  • Sharing of files and data across multiple platforms
  • Integration between cloud services that do not offer integration[8]
  • Create and maintain a centralized database of data from multiple cloud services
  • Project collaboration across multiple platforms
  • Backup of data to prevent data loss


cloudHQ is a cloud service that is compatible with the following cloud apps: Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook 365, Amazon S3, Egnyte, Amazon Cloud Drive, Microsoft OneNote,, Evernote, Dropbox, Inc, Basecamp Classic, SugarSync, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Microsoft Sharepoint, and Yandex.[9]


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