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FoundedLondon, England (2013)
FounderEmmanuel Abiodun
Area served
Key people
Emmanuel Abiodun, founder and chief executive officer
ServicesBitcoin mining

CloudHashing is a company that sells bitcoin mining contracts.[1][2] It is one of the largest bitcoin mining companies worldwide.[3]

CloudHashing is headquartered in London, England with offices in Austin, Texas and a computing facility in Reykjanesbær, Iceland.[3][4] Emmanuel Abiodun is the company's founder and chief executive officer.[4]


Emmanuel Abiodun, a former software engineer for JP Morgan and contractor for HSBC, founded CloudHashing in 2013 after mining bitcoins at his house in London.[4] After receiving investments from personal friends, Abiodun set up his first computing facility in Kansas City, Kansas in June of that year.[4] In October 2013, Abiodun opened the company's Reykjanesbær, Iceland computing facility.[4] The facility was opened with 100 bitcoin mining machines manufactured by a Swedish supplier.[4]

In March 2014, CloudHashing signed a deal with digitalBTC, an Australian bitcoin services firm, to incorporate CloudHashing's software into digitalBTC's mining hardware.[5][6] In the same month, According to the reports, CloudHashing prepared $20 million bitcoin mining operation.[7]

In June 2014, CloudHashing stated that it mined over 35 thousand bitcoins in the last eight months at an equivalent value of over US$21 million based on BTC price of that time.

January 2015, CloudHashing's deal with digitalBTC was dissolved after “key outcomes from the strategic agreement in March 2014 did not eventuate”.

In November 2016, the company stated the cloudhashing service has been discontinued.[citation needed]

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