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Developer(s) Apple
Target platform(s) iOS, macOS, Web
Format(s) API, Framework
Status Active
CloudKit Dashboard

CloudKit is an integrated macOS and iOS API that functions as a backend as a service (BaaS).[1] CloudKit is the framework that powers iCloud on iOS, macOS and on the web.[2]


Application developers can utilize CloudKit for integrated access to Apple’s iCloud servers into iOS and macOS applications. The framework provides authentication, a private database, a public database and structured asset storage services allowing developers to focus on client-side development.[2] It is the foundation for both iCloud Storage and iCloud Photo Library.[3]

CloudKit also offers several APIs to access the iCloud Storage, where a user can store data and files so that they can be easily accessible from other devices.[4]


Developers claim that this framework "replaces back-end web services like old-school databases, file storage and user authentication systems."[5]

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