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CloudMinds Technologies Co. Ltd
IndustryCloud-Based Ecosystem for Smart Machines
FoundedMarch 2015; 4 years ago (2015-03)
FounderBill Huang and Robert Zhang
HeadquartersBeijing, China
Santa Clara, California
Area served
Key people
Bill Huang, Robert Zhang,
ProductsCloud connected smart machines, DATA, META, Mobile-intranet Cloud Services, XaaS Cloud、VBN
OwnerBill Huang

CloudMinds is an operator of cloud-based systems for intelligent robots, founded in the early 2015. It concentrates on building a safe cloud computing network for intelligent robots, creating a large and mixed platform for machine learning, safe intelligent terminals, and Robot Control Units (RCUs).


Founded in 2015, CloudMinds has created a cloud-based intelligent robot architecture based on the cloud's brain and secure network. It is backed by SoftBank, Foxconn, Walden Venture Investments and Keytone Ventures. CloudMinds has developed in-depth research in cloud intelligence integration, high-speed security network, safe smart devices and robot control technology.

CloudMinds built up Human Augmented Robotics Intelligence (HARI) platform and has applied it to some significant areas such as blind guiding. The operator has created the world's first cloud-based terminal, “DATA” series. And it is now working on constructing the backbone network worldwide (VBN).

Based on these nuclear technologies, CloudMinds has succeeded in realizing the Mobile Intranet Cloud Services (MCS), which contains the function on improving information security of the cloud robot remote controlling. The technology has been widely used in some areas such as financial, medical, military, public security department and large-scale manufacturing industry.[1]

Product service[edit]


Cloud connected smart machines[edit]

CloudMinds is the first cloud robot operator that builds the platform and services to make robots connect and learn possible. With the tendency that each household will own a robot by 2025, the company determines to develop ground breaking technology in AI, Robotic control, network and cloud security. Mobile Intranet Cloud Services (MCS) platform offers secure device to cloud connection over a high performance low latency private network. Besides, they target to partner with the best minds in AI and smart devices. Their first products include a blind guiding robot and an AI mobile device that can be used as the control unit for generic robots in order to stimulate an end-to-end ecosystem. The products and services are used to solve some complex problems in health care, manufacturing and finance industries.[2]


DATA is a cloud intelligent device that will serve as the controller between the robot and the cloud brain.[3] It implemented hardware virtualization on Qualcomm platform. CloudMinds also implemented GPU virtualization on DATA. DATA uses a self-developed sandwich-like hardware extension architecture, which is based on special hardware interface that enables support for dual LTE.[4]


META is the first wearable device based on cloud framework of CloudMinds, which takes the shape of helmet for visually impaired people to support face recognition, object recognition, path planning and obstacle avoidance, etc.[5][6]


Mobile-intranet Cloud Service[edit]

Mobile-intranet Cloud Service (MCS) is made up of three parts, XaaS Cloud, VBN and terminal. The design on the terminal contains technologies on dual chips and virtualization, which applies the artificial intelligence to activate the robot through this AI Mobile.[7] [8]

XaaS Cloud[edit]

XaaS Cloud, which is based on the original HARI (Human - Augmented - Robotic - Intelligence) architecture to realize the integration of artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence and provide image recognition, enterprise collaboration and different types of services. The XaaS Cloud has currently completed the first phase of construction, providing the Cloud service platform of MCS. [9]


Since August 2015, CloudMinds has begun to construct the backbone network worldwide, which can realize the network path optimization and protocol optimization to provide safe and high-speed Internet service through SDN (software defined network) and SDP (software defined boundary). [10]


Time Awards Ref.
June 2016 2015 patent pilot qualified operators of Beijing [11]
July 2016 Top 25 global artificial intelligence start-ups [12]
August 2016 AIR (AI and Robotics) Top 25 List [13]
August 2016 2016 CCF-GAIR summit AIR TOP 25 innovation enterprise [13]
September 2016 List of the first batch of enterprises in Zhongguancun of 2016 [14]
October 2016 Top 25 competitive AI start-ups of China [15]


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