Cloud County Health Center

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Cloud County Health Center
Cloud county hc logo.png
Cloud County Health Center.JPG
Cloud County Health Center view from northeast
Location Concordia, Kansas, United States
Coordinates 39°33′56″N 97°40′25″W / 39.56556°N 97.67361°W / 39.56556; -97.67361Coordinates: 39°33′56″N 97°40′25″W / 39.56556°N 97.67361°W / 39.56556; -97.67361
Care system Private
Hospital type County
Affiliated university None (formerly Sisters of St. Joseph)
Beds 150
Founded 1903
Lists Hospitals in Kansas

Cloud County Health Center is a medical facility located in Concordia, Kansas. The health center was founded as St. Joseph's Hospital in 1903 by the Nazareth Convent and Academy in Concordia (run by the Sisters of St. Joseph).[1] In 1995, ownership was transferred from the Sisters of St. Joseph to Salina Regional Health Center (Salina, Kansas), and the name was then changed to the Cloud County Health Center.[2]


The hospital offers a range of services including an on-site laboratory licensed in accordance with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act, emergency services, intensive care, pharmacy, and other health-related services. The health center is a participating Medicare and Medicaid provider.[3]


The health center plans to build a new hospital to replace the aging existing buildings. The plan to construct a new $20-million hospital, and acquire $5 million in new equipment, was announced in November 2007.[4]

Board of Directors[edit]

The CCHC Board of Directors is made up of 11 members: four officers, and seven members.[5]

  • Suzy Tuggle - President
  • Richard Kueker, OD - Vice President
  • JoAnne Balthazor - Treasurer
  • Pam Campbell - Secretary
  • Joel Figgs
  • John Gisselbeck
  • Christy Hasch
  • Renea Gernant
  • Ryan McMillan
  • Steve Palmquist
  • Sister Beth Stover

Board of Trustees[edit]

The CCHC Board of Trustees is made up of 12 members, four as officers, and eight as members.[6]

  • Dr. Monte Wentz - Chairman
  • Eric Andersen - Vice Chairman
  • Charles Zimmerman - Treasurer
  • S. Christy Hasch - Secretary
  • Kurt Kocher
  • Dr. Greg Hattan
  • Dr. Justin Poore
  • Mike Lamm
  • Todd Leif
  • Scott Seifert
  • Phil Gilliland
  • Traci Ferrell


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