Clouston Park

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Clouston Park
Coordinates: 41°06′56″S 175°05′05″E / 41.1155°S 175.0848°E / -41.1155; 175.0848Coordinates: 41°06′56″S 175°05′05″E / 41.1155°S 175.0848°E / -41.1155; 175.0848
CountryNew Zealand
IslandNorth Island
CityUpper Hutt
 • Total2,165

Clouston Park is a suburb of Upper Hutt, located 0.5 – 2.5 km east-northeast from the city centre. It was predominantly developed in the 1970s and 1980s and had a population of 2165 at the 2013 Census.[1] While the suburb is predominantly flat, there are a few larger homes situated on the lower slopes of the Eastern Hutt Valley Hills that offer wide views of the Upper Hutt Valley.

Clouston Park can be accessed from SH2 by exiting at either Totara Park Road or Mangaroa Hill Road. It is bordered by Ebdentown to the west (Henry Street onwards), Totara Park to the north (by crossing SH2 at Totara Park Road) and Maoribank to the northeast (by crossing Mangaroa Hill Road).

Clouston Park has two small shopping centres, situated on Clouston Park Road and Fergusson Drive. There is also a light industrial area located on Montgomery Crescent and Mountbatten Grove.


There are three public parks in Clouston Park:

- Doris Nicholson Park; Located off of Fergusson Drive and McHattie Lane.

- Benge Park; Primarily located at the end of Rosina Street (has access points from three other streets), it contains a small playground.

- Maoribank Park; Accessed from Clouston Park Road, this larger park has a sports field used by many schools and local sports teams on weekends,[2] as well as hosting the Rimutaka Rugby Football Club.[3]

Public Transport[edit]

Clouston Park is serviced by the Emerald Hill - Petone and Te Marua commuter bus routes (#110 and #112), operated by Metlink.[4][5]


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