Cloverdale, Lane County, Oregon

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Cloverdale is an unincorporated community in Lane County, Oregon, United States.[1] It is about 3 miles (5 km) northeast of Creswell on Oregon Route 222.[2]

Cloverdale was the site of one of the first sawmills in Lane County, built in 1851.[3] A gristmill was added in 1852.[3] A townsite was laid out at Cloverdale in 1855, but the plat was later canceled.[3] Cloverdale was considered a "thing of the past" as early as 1884.[3] At one time Cloverdale had a store,[3] and a school. The former Cloverdale Methodist Episcopal Church now serves as a wedding chapel.[4] The church was built in 1904, and later served Baptist and Mennonite congregations and then as a community hall.[4] The building was purchased by the McKinlay family in 1999 and restored.[4] The school building, constructed in 1911, is also still standing.[5]


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