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Single by Korn
from the album Korn
Released February 2, 1996
Format CD5"[1]
Recorded 1994 at Indigo Ranch Studios, Malibu, California[2][3][4]
Genre Nu metal[5][6]
Length 4:36[7]
Label Epic Records/Immortal Records[8]
Writer(s) Reginald Arvizu, Jonathan Davis, James Shaffer, David Silveria, Brian Welch
Producer(s) Ross Robinson
Korn singles chronology
"Shoots and Ladders"
"No Place to Hide"
Korn track listing
"Need To"

"Clown" is the fourth single by the American nu metal band Korn from their self-titled debut album.


What inspired Jonathan Davis to write this song though, was an early gig in San Diego where a skinhead was booing them and telling them to "go back to Bakersfield!" Jonathan knelt down to hear him and the guy took a swing at him. He missed and the band's manager assaulted him. The skinhead was all tattooed and looked like a "clown" to Jonathan Davis, inspiring the title of the song and also the line "Hit me clown, because I'm not from your town."[9] Preceding the song is a conversation with Korn fooling around at the song's recording. A quote taken from Korn's Who Then Now?' video, which serves as an introduction for the music video:

Music video[edit]

The video begins with the band walking in a hallway in a high school and a clown as well sometimes holding something on his nose. Then the band starts playing in a locker room which appears to be happening at night. Jonathan Davis is seen singing and in some clips he is sitting in the locker room in the dry shower but with a few people spraying a little tiny bit of water on his hair to tease him. This represents some of his painful experiences in high school of being teased. It also features the band in a gym and clips of jocks in their football jerseys and cheerleaders seen by someone who walks in the halls. One of the cheerleaders goes into the bathroom and starts smiling in the dark room with a little light and starts brushing her hair with her hands. Clips also show the band performing in a dark room. The video ends off with the cheerleader in the bathroom taking off her shirt showing a tattoo on her back showing the band's logo. The music video most likely could be them in a school after a football game at night.[12] The music video aired in 1996 and was directed by McG.[13]

Appearances in other media[edit]

The song can be heard playing in the character Trent's car in a Season 1 episode of the animated series Daria.[14][15]

Track listing[edit]

US Radio Promo[edit]

  1. "Clown" – 4:36

Note: the back cover does not state which version this is however it is identical to the Radio Edit on the below European promo.

European Radio Promo[edit]

  1. "Clown" (Radio Edit) – 3:52


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