Cloyce Box Ranch

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Cloyce Box Ranch house as seen on the TV series Dallas

The Cloyce Box Ranch was the site of the original Southfork ranch location, where the initial five episodes of Dallas were filmed.[1] The series left that location at the end of the first season in 1978 due to a request by the property owner Cloyce K. Box. The show moved to the ranch "Duncan Acres", near Plano, Texas, where the series was filmed for the rest of its run.

The ranch house no longer exists, having been destroyed by a fire in 1987.[2] The frame of the original Southfork Ranch that was used in the pilot season still stands in Frisco, Texas, on the northeast corner of Preston Rd. and Main St. The address of the house is: 10514 E.Main St. Frisco, Tx. 75035.[3]


Coordinates: 33°09′20″N 96°47′26″W / 33.155581°N 96.790569°W / 33.155581; -96.790569