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Always Ready
Club Always Ready logo.PNG
Full nameClub Always Ready
FoundedApril 13, 1933
GroundEstadio Rafael Mendoza
La Paz, Bolivia
LeaguePrimera B

Club Always Ready, better known as Always Ready, is a Bolivian football club from La Paz. Due to the jerseys the team is also known as Banda Roja, or the red band, due to the similar traits its uniform shares with the popular River Plate.


Always Ready was founded on 13 April 1933. The team took part in the La Paz championship, which was held in 1950 under semi-professional conditions; it was organized by La Paz Football Association (LPFA). Despite not having any official status, the winner of the tournament was widely considered the de facto champion of Bolivia. Always Ready earned their first title in 1951. In the following two years, the team was runner-up respectively.

From 1954 onwards, teams from Cochabamba and Oruro participated in the now-called Torneo Integrado, a much larger tournament then the La Paz championship; Always Ready found themselves withdrawing from the competition as it found it difficult to retain key players. Always Ready's resurgence was not until 1956. The team secured second its second national title in 1957 for the last time. Another notable fact was that Always Ready became the first Bolivian team to do a tour outside Bolivia: from August to November 1961, the club toured Europe.[1]

From August to November 1961, Always Ready undertook the first Bolivian team a trip to Europe.

In 1967, the club obtained second place in its national league; that allowed Always Ready to participate in South America's most prestigious club event: the Copa Libertadores. However, the results were disappointing as they went out in the first round without winning a single match. Nevertheless, Always Ready won that same year's city championship and finished 5th in the national standings.

1977 qualified Always Ready for the new national professional league, where it played a minor role and had to descend 1981st The return achieved in 1987, 1991 rose from Always Ready again and could not climb back since then.


1951, 1957
1968 – First Round


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