Club Cola

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Club Cola
A can of Club Cola produced in 1993, after German reunification.
Type soft drink
Country of origin East Germany
Introduced 1967

Club Cola is the name of a cola soft drink once popular in East Germany.

Originally manufactured at the request of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany and other governmental organizations, Club Cola was created so that East Germany could have its own cola soft drink that was similar in taste and appearance to those sold in the western world.

On 19 April 1967 the first Club Cola was bottled in Berlin. This soft drink was so popular with East German citizens that Club Cola was awarded with gold in the category soft drinks at the 1972 Leipzig spring fair.

Club Cola today[edit]

Club Cola is still available in Germany today. It is not made according to the same recipe as the drink that used to be sold in the GDR, since the original formula was lost in 1990, when the former brand owners were going bankrupt. However, it is generally agreed that the taste is very similar to the original Club Cola.[by whom?]

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