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Club Deportivo De Los Altos
Full name Club Deportivo Yahualica De Los Altos
Nickname(s) Deportivo Altos, Altos
Founded July, 2011
Ground Estadio Las Ánimas
Yahualica de Gonzalez Gallo, Jalisco
Ground Capacity 12,000
Manager Mexico Jesús Octavio Mora Guzmán
League Liga Premier de Ascenso
Website Club home page

Club Deportivo Yahualica De Los Altos is a football team that currently playing in the Second Division and Third Division of Mexico. is held in the city of Yahualica de Gonzalez Gallo, Jalisco, Mexico. They play in their stadium Las Ánimas with capacity for 10 thousand spectators.Club Deportivo de Los Altos play in the Apertura 2011 y Clausura 2012 tournaments, they will compete in Grupo 1 of the Liga Premier de Asenso of the Segunda División de México.

Club of Los Altos as it is commonly known started as a recently project, emerging from private initiative to promote the sport in the area of the highlands of Jalisco, (Altos de Jalisco) since the area did not have professional football. The creation of the Club caused players to integrate from surrounding cities and even other states, giving new players a chance to prove his talent. The public responded well to the club showing this in local games in which up to 3500 spectators attend.


Club Deportivo de los Altos is a new club. They were including in the División in 2011 as part of its restructure.

Club Deportivo De Los Altos founded (July 1, 2011) for private initiative of some citizens of Yahualica de Gonzalez Gallo, beginning as an idea since 2010 which has already started to build the facility, the project maturing later and the idea start to be complete on January 2011 as they were finishing facilities, club members got in touch with what in the future would be the coaching, (Mora Guzmán Jesús Octavio) a staff was formed and they approached the Femexfut (Federación Mexicana de Fútbol) to formalize the situation.

The name CLUB DEPORTIVO DE LOS ALTOS was unanimous decision of the partners, because the name covers a large area of Jalisco where people share a big taste for the sport of football.

The creation of the football teams of the Third and Second Division in the town of Yahualica de Gonzalez Gallo, with its stadium capacity for 10 thousand spectators was because the area is great for football enthusiasts, municipalities also attend as spectators from: Mexticacán, Nochistlan, Tepatitlan De Morelos, Cañadas de Obregón, Teocaltiche, etc. Creating an attendance increasing with every game they play.

Club Deportivo Deportivo Los Altos, despite being a young team, but they had shown with each passing day be a team of high level, proven by the results published by the Femexfut.

Information is just coming out so more information will be provided as it comes out.

Uniforms BLACK-Home / RED-Away
Second Division players, CD. Altos
Second Division players, CD. Altos
Third Division players Division
Facilities Club Deportivo Yahualica de los Altos
View of the Club During a Game Vs. Coras de Tepic
View of the Club During a Game Vs. F.C. Exelcior

Head coaches and Staff[edit]

Second Division

Mora Guzmán Jesús Octavio Head coach
Jiménez Martínez Arturo Medic
Limón Limón Francisco José Medic
Parra López Hugo Adrián Physical trainer
Espinoza Vela Arturo Javier Coach assistant
Gallo Salazar Víctor General assistant

Second Division Full Roster

NAME Position
#12 Yobani Acosta Ibarra

#24 Josafat Neftali Marquez Garibay ||KEP

#4 Fernando Martinez Duran

#6 Juan Ramon Zazueta Ortiz

#26 Luis Alberto Hernandez Ruiz

#58 Jorge Alexis Lopez Rosales ||DEF

#7 Omar Heriberto Plascencia Nery

#8 Ramon Antonio Avilez Felix

#10 Miguel Angel Vallejo Navarro

#11 Juan Manuel Rosales Ibarra||MED

#13 Angel Gustavo Partida Arevalo

#20 Luis Enrique Romero Heredia

#21 Eduardo Alberto Tinajero Navarro

#56 Ricardo Gutierrez Ceballos ||MED

#16 Marcelo Eduardo Aguas Villarea

#22 Jesus Eduardo Cota López

#23 Oscar Alejandro Urzua Rivas

#25 Vihanney Hiram Ruiz Mendez ||DEL


Stadium las animas[edit]

From its beginnings the Club Deportivo De Los Altos exercised at the new stadium Las Ánimas with a capacity of 10,000 spectators in the town of Yahualica de Gonzalez Gallo, Jalisco, located at: Km 4.5 Carretera Yahualica - Teocaltiche; Once the stadium was finished immediately the club started working on it.

The facilities include a gym, recreational areas, and its own clubhouse inhabited by the team players.


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