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Club Dogo
Club Dogo.jpg
Background information
Origin Milan, Italy
Genres Rap, Hip house
Years active 1999–present
Labels Universal Records
Associated acts Marracash, Deleterio, Vincenzo da Via Anfossi, J-Ax
Website [1]
Members Guè Pequeno
Jake La Furia
Don Joe
Past members Dargen D'Amico (Sacre Scuole)

Club Dogo is an Italian rap group from Milan (Lombardy) that consists of Guè Pequeno and Jake La Furia, and beatmaker Don Joe.


Sacre Scuole[edit]

A former music group named Sacre Scuole was formed from the union of writer and MC Jake La Furia (whose tag-name was Fame), with Guercio (now Guè Pequeno) and Dargen D'Amico, both rappers from Milan. In the late 90's, the group collaborated with high-profile names of the underground rap scene like Solo Zippo, Chief, DJ Enzo, DJ Skizo and DJ Zak (from Alien Army).

In 2000, the group released an EP entitled 3 MC's al Cubo, produced by Chief. At the same time, producer Don Joe, who worked with R&B singer Irene Lamedica, started to collaborate with them producing a track which features in 3 MC's al Cubo.

In 2001, the group disbanded citing creative differences between Jake La Furia and Dargen D'Amico.

Mi Fist[edit]

After the experience with Sacre Scuole, Don Joe joined Jake La Furia and Guercio to form a new rap group, Club Dogo. Their first album, Mi Fist (released in 2003), had notable success in the underground music scene.

Mi Fist made the top of the Italian indie charts,[citation needed] and in 2004 was re-issued with bonus tracks under the label Vibra Records.

Penna Capitale[edit]

After nearly three years with some mixtapes and street albums including Regular, made by Don Joe and the Philadelphia rapper Grand Agent, Roccia Music (a compilation featuring many Italian artists) and Hashishinz Sound Vol. 1 (an EP by Guè Pequeno and beatmaker Deleterio), in March 2006 they released their second album, Penna Capitale.[1] The title is a metaphor about the power of written words. The album is characterized by the sound created by Don Joe, mixing 80's song samples with synths.

After about 150 live performances between 2004 and 2005, and appearances on various Italian rap records, Club Dogo released videos for the singles "Butta via tutto", "Una Volta Sola" and "D.O.G.O".

Vile Denaro[edit]

In 2007, Club Dogo, after getting signed to Virgin Records, released their third album titled Vile Denaro, with the first single from the album, "Mi hanno detto che", receiving heavy rotation on radio and TV, and achieving success in the charts.[2] The second single off Vile Denaro was "Tornerò da Re".


In June 2009, after moving to Universal Music,[3] Club Dogo released Dogocrazia. The first single from the album was "Sgrilla", followed by "Brucia Ancora" featuring J-Ax, which became a huge hit.

They released three other singles from Dogocrazia, "Il mio mondo, le mie regole", "Ragazzi fuori" and "Nè Fama, Nè Soldi".

Che bello essere noi[edit]

In October 2010, they released their fifth studio album Che bello essere noi, anticipated by the single "Spaccotutto".[4]


  • Guè Pequeno

Cosimo Fini, best known as Guè Pequeno, Il Guercio or Lucky Luciano (Milan, 25 December 1980), has been a member since 1999. The career of Cosimo Fini began in Milan in the early 90's, where he met Jake La Furia. The friendship between the rappers lead to the formation of Sacre Scuole with Dargen D'Amico and Don Joe.

  • Jake La Furia

Francesco Vigorelli, best known as Jake La Furia or Fame (Milan, 25 February 1979), has been a member since 1999.

  • Dargen D'Amico

Jacopo D'Amico, better known by the pseudonyms of Dargen D'Amico, JD, or Corvo D'Argento (Lipari, Filicudi, 1980), was a member of Sacre Scuole from 1999 to 2001. Sacre Scuole disbanded in 2001 due to disagreements between Dargen D'Amico and Jake La Furia.

  • Don Joe

Luigi Florio, better known as Don Joe (Milan, 15 May 1975), is a beatmaker, disc jockey and rapper, and has been a member of the group since 2000.

Dogo Gang[edit]

In 2005, Club Dogo formed the crew named Dogo Gang, including other MCs and DJs from Milan that gradually joined the collective.[5] Roccia Music is the first official compilation of Dogo Gang, released at the end of 2005. Benvenuti nella Giungla' (meaning "Welcome to the jungle") is the title of an album released in March 2008.

Members of the crew are:


As Sacre Scuole:

  • 1999: 3 MC's al Cubo

As Club Dogo:

  • 2003: Mi Fist
  • 2006: Penna Capitale
  • 2007: Vile Denaro
  • 2009: Dogocrazia
  • 2010: Che Bello Essere Noi
  • 2012: Noi Siamo il Club (Gold)
  • 2014: Non siao più quelli di Mi Fist (Gold)

With Dogo Gang:

  • 2004: PMC VS Club Dogo: The Official Mixtape
  • 2008: Benvenuti nella Giungla

Other projects[edit]

  • 2005: Don Joe & Grand Agent - Regular (EP)
  • 2005: Guè Pequeno & Deleterio - Hashishinz Sound Vol. 1 (EP)
  • 2006: DJ Harsh & Guè Pequeno - Fast Life Vol. 1 (mixtape)
  • 2009: DJ Harsh & Guè Pequeno - Fast Life Vol. 2 (mixtape)
  • 2012: DJ Harsh & Guè Pequeno - Fast Life Vol. 3 (mixtape)
  • 2011: Don Joe & Shablo - Thori & Rocce
  • 2011: Guè Pequeno - Il Ragazzo d'Oro
  • 2013: Guè Pequeno - Bravo Ragazzo
  • 2013: Jake La Furia - Musica Commerciale
  • 2015: Guè Pequeno - Vero

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