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Club Kart: European Session is a Go-Kart racing game by Sega. Some machines are outfitted with the IC Card system to store your kart data, which can be modified and improved with more play. Up to 4 machines can be linked for competitive racing.


Club Kart: European Session is notable for featuring brands from within the world of karting, (i.e. Birel chassis, IAME engines, IBEA carbs, etc.) The US cabinet version has a three-degree-of-freedom limited range motion platform that the player sits on, and also feature force-feedback steering. 4 different classes can be selected, via the IC Card or the IC Card Simulated Replacement. Club Kart was released in 2000.[citation needed]

Club Kart: European Session runs on a Sega NAOMI 2 system. It uses fiber optic linking. Control hardware includes a steering wheel with force feedback and 2 analog foot-pedals.[citation needed]