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Leon FC logo.png
Full nameClub León
Nickname(s)Los Panzas Verdes (The Green Bellies)
La Fiera (The Wild Beast)
Los Esmeraldas (The Emeralds)
"Los Verdiblancos" (The Green and Whites)
FoundedAugust 20, 1944; 75 years ago (1944-08-20)
GroundEstadio León
León, Guanajuato, Mexico
OwnerGrupo Pachuca
ChairmanJesús Martínez Murguia
ManagerIgnacio Ambríz
LeagueLiga MX
Apertura 20192nd (Quarterfinals)

Club León, simply known as León, is a Mexican professional football club based in the city of León, Guanajuato, Mexico.

León has won the Liga MX México Primera División (Mexico First Division) title seven times: in 1948, 1949, 1952, 1956, 1992, Apertura 2013, and most recently Clausura 2014. They became the first Mexican "Campeonísimo" (winner of the League and the México Cup in the same year) in 1949. In 1993 León was the CONCACAF Champions' Cup runner-up, losing the final match against Costa Rican team Deportivo Saprissa, in one of the greatest upsets among the defeats in the club's history. They are also only the second Liga MX team to win back-to-back championships in short tournaments.

They also qualified for the Champion's Cup in 1998, but were eliminated in the semi-final. The team has been a consistent contender for the Primera División A title since relegation from the Primera División in 2002; they failed to obtain the promotion due to constant mediocre performances in the play-offs despite good appearances during the regular season until the Clausura 2012 Tournament when León defeated Correcaminos UAT 6–2 and after ten years were finally promoted to the Primera División. In the Apertura 2013 season they became champions after defeating América 5–1, giving them their sixth championship star. The next season, Clausura 2014, they became champions for the second year in a row defeating Pachuca 4–3, giving them their seventh championship star and becoming "bicampeones." In recent years, Club Leon games have even attracted non-Spanish speaking football fans; in addition to new Spanish-language broadcast partnerships with Fox Sports Latinoamérica in Mexico and Telemundo / NBC Deportes in the U.S. Since 2016, Univision Deportes holds the U.S. broadcasting rights to León home games.

León is ranked No. 29 in the IFFHS Central and North America's best clubs of the 20th century.[2]


In the first season, it is created from an application of Unión de Curtidores which merged with Selección de Guanajuato, changing to sell bonds to the public at variable amounts in order to afford the expenses involved in having a team in the top flight. With the money raised the directive hired Marcial Ortiz, Raul Varela, Alfonso Montemayor, Salvador Ramírez, Conrado Muniz Vicente Serrano, Pepe Cortes, "Sticks" Ramírez, Elpidio Sánchez and Joaquín Source Duillo Dobles technician being that set.

Thus it is accepted to be part of the Liga Mayor in his second season (1944–45). He trained with the first team players from Argentina and Miguel Rugilo that would serve as coach and goalkeeper holder Battaglia it was defense, plus two front; Marcos Aurelio he scored 14 goals and Ángel Fernández. Debuting at Patria Stadium on August 20, 1944 against Atlante which at that time was an important club with players like Horacio Casarín, Antolar, "Hair" Ramos, "Margarita" Gutiérrez among others, falling defeated by a score of 5–3.

The following season, the 1945–46 appears other team in the city: the San Sebastián de León. In this campaign are back in fourth place of 16 teams with 30 games, 17 wins, 4 draws, 9 losses for 38 points, was the top scorer with 24 goals Alberto Mendoza.

In the campaign 1946–47 club emblematic players arrived, one of them Adalberto Lopez, which became the top-scoring Mexican champion team, scoring 33 goals. In general the team had a great campaign being runner-up with 41 points, as the last date tied at zero with Atlante and a point of difference lost the title, but had a streak of 14 games without losing. Another important element was Marcos Aurelio, who highlighted with 16 goals. An unfortunate fact is presented precisely in the championship game against Atlante. The match took place in the Mexico City on June 1, 1947 in the new Stadium Insurgentes (now Estadio Azul) when in fact take place in León, this is due to an epidemic of FMD afflicting the Bajío region, leading to a change of venue. This benefited Atlante.

Another fact that would go down in history occurred in the match against Club America on May 9, 1946 after Florencio Caffaratti wire accidentally touched electricity dropped following the goal of León, realizing what had happened, Alfonso Montemayor was launched to save the Argentine cable getting start it. Subsequently, Caffaratti Montemayor deliver a penny gold with the inscription: "F. Montemayor Caffaratti in appreciation."


Under the guidance of José María Casullo greens lost seven times, three of them by a landslide against Atlas Gold 4–0 and 5–1 which made its doubt if get the title, however end up tied at 36 points with the Gold of Jalisco in the first place in the overall standings so it took a play-off series that took place at the Estadio de los Insurgentes Mexico City in the first game tied at zero, but in the second match defeated Leon the gold by two goals to nil, with notes of Pablo Perez at 51 'and Jaime Moncada to 74' in order to finally get the first professional degree. Adalberto "Dombo" López becomes the first individual scoring champion with 89 goals.


The first Mexican football champion was formed by José María Casullo he had overcome the outputs of Angel Fernández, and Marcus Aurelius. The title is defined in the penultimate round by defeating Asturias 2–0 with goals by Adalberto López to prevent a tie with Atlas and Guadalajara who remained a point, and Leon becomes the first to win the tournament Campeonísimo cup after 3–0 thrashing Atlante on August 14, 1949, this tournament likewise Emeralds experienced the worst rout in its history when Atlas won 8–2. Adalberto López again took individual scoring with 28 goals to become three-time, note that in this tournament debuted later to be emblem of the club and the city, the goalkeeper Antonio Carbajal with Real Club España on December 2, 1948.


Led by their coach Antonio López Herranz got his third team title, Antonio Carbajal joined the team along with the return of Marcos Aurelio, Sergio Bravo and Saturnino Martínez, had to compete against a Guadalajara that was directed by José María Casullo and is shown very strong, León won both games of the year with identical 1–0, the penultimate round both clubs came looking for the title alone Guadalajara in 30 points and León in 29, for the last day Chivas faced the Puebla in El Mirador and just get the tie would be awarded the championship, however the incredibly won 1–0 poblano annotation Guadalajara Guadalupe Velazquez also the goalkeeper of Puebla, Vicente González, he stopped a penalty Tomas Balcazar. Meanwhile, León face Atlante, same that defeated 1–0 Leonel annotation Boza to seal the third title on December 20, 1951. The best scorer was Marcus Aurelius with 11 goals. The following season the shoal remain in third place far from the champion Tampico FC who recorded 34 points by 27 points from León. For the season 1953–54 came the first bad tournament by finishing eighth with 21 points, the best scorer was Juan José Olivero. In 1954–55 comes restructuring to make a match of 25 points in fourth place. In this tournament began the rivalry against Irapuato where you lose the first home game 1–0 and then draw 1–1. The best scorers of the tournament were Leonel Marcos Aurelio Boza with seven goals.


That season was increased to be 14 teams, the León dominated the tournament like CD Oro, Antonio López Herranz was the coach that players like Carbajal, Bravo, Marinilla from scissors, Marcos Aurelio and Jorge Marik got the best streak in club history after defeat Atlas booting from day 3 to 21, would remain undefeated with 12 wins and 7 draws to lose their 1–0 streak against Tampico, and two end dates were suspended Mari, Aurelio Marinilla and causing a drop tying Zacatepec and lost with Puebla, prompting Oro closure had three wins and a draw in the lead reached them both with 37 points, and forced to play a game more to define the title between them. That game would dispute two months later, Leon participation in a European tour against FK Austria and Lanús of Argentina where he was a bad way to back with a win and three losses. The final game was developed at the University Olympic Stadium Mexico City, Leon defeated Gold 4–2 with three goals from Matthew of scissors and one of Marcus Aurelius and the March 25, 1956 added his fourth title, also get the champion of champions by defeating the Toluca who was champion cup. The scorer was Matthew of scissors which recorded 12 goals plus 3 play-off game. The following season title Lion failed to get 30 points to 6 champion leaving Guadalajara, in the tournament the greens were undefeated in 12 games field where they won 8 and drew 4 Osvaldo Marinillo the scorers were Matthew 17 and the Scissors with 11 goals. In 1957–58 is in fifth place with 29 points to 10 Zacatepec champion but won the Cup title. For 1958–59 Leon again increased its level to be within two points of winning his fifth title, stayed close when finished four dates to Guadalajara won 4–0 to tie it at 31 points, however Chivas won 3 and a draw to reach 38 points, Lion of those 4 won two, lost one and tied to Zacatepec. The scorers were Marinillo with 21 points and Alberto Etcheverry with 7. 1959–60 reached the fourth place with 30, Alberto Etcheverry under 16 goals.


1960–61 remains in fifth place with 26 points, 1961–62 fifth with 25 points, 1962–63 gets the same 25 points but drops to ninth place overall. 1963 same situation 25 -64 units highlighted Claudine ninth Barbosa and Amador Fuentes with 6 goals, 1964–65 improvement to remain in seventh place of 16 teams with 30 points, Barbosa scored 10 goals. 1965–66 with 28 points is ninth, Luis Estrada scores 9 goals. 1966–67 improvement this season with 34 points in place 5 players Gabriel Mata and Sergio Anaya mark 9 and 8 goals, the event was the official opening of Camp Nou stadium on February 1, 1967 with the game Santos and River Plate 2–1, although the Lion moved to the stage for the match against Club America of October 18, 1966 (2–1) also gets the title of Mexico and then loses crown the champion of champions against Toluca 1–0. 1967–68 concludes with 35 points in place 5, 1968–69 is a demotion to get 31 points in seventh-place ranking, as anecdotal evidence on December 5 in the Jalisco stadium in a game against Guadalajara, León 5 Elements expelled him why the comparison could not continue and was suspended 75 minutes' by referee Arturo Yamasaki, players were expelled Gil Loza, Salvador Enríquez, Manuel Lopez, Jose Valdez and Rafael Chavez. At the end of the tournament is proclaimed single striker Luis Estrada with 24 goals and reached to mark this distinction by 4 goals to Necaxa in the penultimate round. 1969–70 was exactly the same in points and place last season, players Luis Estrada and Sergio Anaya highlighted with 11 goals each, this campaign was directed by Antonio Carbajal.


For the Mexico 70, there were two technical changes the familiar Start Argentine Luis Grill, but before finishing was reinstated in his post Antonio Carbajal, as a result left with 33 points to fourth overall Sergio Anaya new stand becomes scorer the contest with 16 touchdowns, while Luis Estrada mark 13 goals. 1970–71 players arrive Jorge Davino, Roberto Salomone and Juan Valiente who scored ten goals, the club was led by Antonio Carbajal make a good season of 38 points ranking fourth, then adjudge the Mexico cup title and champion of champions by defeating the American 1–0. 1971–72 hits a 35-point regular season in sixth place overall and new account wins the cup Mexico and the champion of champions by defeating Cruz Azul on penalties 5–3 in the first round Luis Estrada received two bullet wounds that kept him out all year.

1972–73 initiate driven A. Carbajal but was replaced by Rafael Albrecht that served as player and coach, in which pups from the third division debuts at half containment tremendous technical and physical faculties to "Cobrita" Martin A Villanueva, after being selected Mexican sub-17/20 ... then came the Brazilian José Gomes Nogueira who led the team to second place with 42 points and get a 2 Cruz Azul, and calls his first league where eliminated Real Club España with the first leg 0–0 and a tie at 3 in the back with goals from Leon 2 and Albrecht Salomone, at that time there was no tiebreaker by general location and away goal, so he must have played A third game in the Estadio Cuauhtémoc where back end goal tied 1–1 Albrecht, criminal and Leon threw themselves reached the final by beating Atletico 5–4. The final was against Cruz Azul the first game was the June 12 goals Leon 1–1 draw Albrecht and Fernando Bustos by blues, back on June 17 in Estadio Azteca with a 0–0 draw, again required a third set tie-back is performed in Puebla on June 19 the Guanajuato are defeated 2–1 goals from Javier Guzman and an own goal by Jorge Davino, by Leon pulled Salomone. This squad had players like goalkeeper Jorge Jaramillo, defenders, Arturo Razo, Hector Sanabria, Rafael Albrecht, Martin A Villanueva, Carlos Gomez, media, Luis Estrada, Mario caves, Mario Ayala, Rafael Chavez, and strikers Roberto Salomone Jose Valdez, Juan Valiente, Jorge Davino.

In 1973–74 gets 40 points and fifth place with 18 teams do not qualify, the outstanding player was Roberto Salomone who scored 18 goals and revelation was the "Cobrita Martin A Villanueva with 6 goals. 1974–75 Jorge Davino is transferred to Potosi, while hired Daniel Montegazza and Osvaldo Batocletti, for this campaign starts coach Sergio Anaya, and then was relieved by Uruguayan Washington Etchamendi who led the team to get the fifth pick overall lead product of 21 wins, 9 draws, 8 losses, 70 goals scored by 50 against with 51 points, the Lions was Salomone scorer with 19 goals and again the Cobrita Martin A Villanueva with 7 goals. In the play-offs, a series classifying León group, Cruz Azul, Toluca and Unión de Curtidores robin series where the most points made was the champion. Unión de Curtidores faced losing 1–0, and tying the second game 0–0, then you win both games Cruz Azul 1–0 and 3–2, the third goal was Toluca and first with 3–1 win goals from Manuel Guillen, Isidro Caballero and Luis Gomez, for the reds under Ramón de la Torre, the last and final game in the stadium World Toluca 1970 of June 26, 1975 with the green tie would crown but did not hold the 0–0 when Ítalo Estupiñán under the 52 'to deliver the championship to Toluca. positions this mini tournament for the title were as follows: Toluca 8 points, Leon 7 points, 5 points Tanners and Cruz Azul 4.

1975–76 was the first season that appeared the shoal groups were placed in group 4 with Toluca, Pumas, Laguna and Jalisco, also appears in this tournament quarterfinals phase. For the tournament so Etchamendi be assigned back to Sergio Anaya season was replaced by Ignacio Jáuregui, the club finished in third place with 46 points in the quarter-finals lost both games against Universidad de Guadalajara with overall 6–0 outrageous. Salomone scores 16 goals. 1976–77 Sergio Anaya season begins but is relieved by Roberto Scarone for 29 dates Anaya then returns to the last 9 days, Jorge Alberto stood out with 20 goals with 9 and Montegazza Salomone and Martin A Villanueva with 6 points, the numbers were 12 wins, 15 draws and 11 losses for 39 points leaving them in tenth place. 1977–78 Montegazza and Batocletti go to Tigers, as coach was the return of Gomes Nogueira, but went by Augustine Santillan was also changed by Roberto Silva was a bad season to take the place 11 of 20 teams with 36 points and did not qualify. The top scorers were Alberto Jorge with 15 goals and Kalu and Martin Villanueva Cobrita with 12 goals. The latter is removed after suffering tear in his right knee in the Cuauhtemoc stadium in Puebla leaving a career of one of the strong players and technical born in Leon, Martin Villanueva Cobrita at the age of 22 years. 1978 continues to decline -79 Antonio Carbajal returns as a coach and drops to 16th place with 33 points, scored 12 goals Kaloo. 1979–80 located another disappointing tournament in 17th place with 29 points as a technician standing back to Gomes Nogueira that, given the poor performance, went for another known in Augustine Santillan.


1980–81 is the crisis team to finish with 31 points in the third to last, as coach Alberto Resquin was first and then Alberto Etcheverry, the best man was Concepcion Rodriguez with 9 points. 1981–82 this campaign came close down four first technical Walter Ormeño followed by Salvador Enriquez, Augustine Santillan after he was dismissed after adding 4 draws in a row to 0, arrived Arpad Fekete on the date 18 unless the team when they managed to rescue three points to leave the problem of the play-offs by not lowering the Atlas and Tampico Madero. He ended up with these numbers: 6 wins, 15 draws and 17 losses with 18 of 20 teams instead. The highlights were Ruben Omar Romano with 13 goals and Juan Carlos Roldan with 9 touchdowns. 1982–83 coach Ricardo starts Facio, but take 0 wins 3 draws and 6 losses is stopped by Sergio Anaya for 2 collations which comes with a point, prior to arrive in November for the fourth time to relay Gomes Nogueira I finally get the win in Week 12 when they defeat the Tigers 3–2 Leon visitors, the goals are the work of Zizinho 2 and Ruben Omar Romano. After the change the team went from last place to finish in 10th place with 37 points, as prominent players were Romano had 11 goals and 10 goals Zizinho Victor Rangel with 9 points. 1983–84 as a novelty came multigoleador Cabinho which debuted at Tampico with 3–3, he scored one goal and missed a penalty, but in sports there was greater improvement than occupy 16th place with 32 points, as coach Sergio Anaya for 12 home dates, José Luis Aceves then came another 12 dates after Luis Grill 3 and again saves of the last places Arpad Fekete who runs 11 rounds. The team was Cabinho scorer with 18 goals. 1984–85 this was the last successful team before its descent when Arpad Fekete placing directs all the emeralds tournament in eighth place with 42 points, the product of 12 wins, 18 draws and 8 losses, league ranks after faces 9 years in the quarter-finals to U of G and win the leg 1–0 with goals from Cabinho, in turn loses 2–1 goal was to Cabinho, Leon defines criminal series 7–6, and reaches a semi-finals against Pumas was the first leg 3–3, goals from Leon, Juan Pablo Muciño, Carlos Eusebio and Cabinho on lap falls 2–0 in the Olympic 68. Evanivaldo Castro won the individual scoring title with 23 goals. Prode 1985 only season there were eight games as a result of Mexico 86, those of Leon were directed by Julio Larios who delivered seven points in 15th place. The other technical short tournament Gabriel Mata starts coming out after three dates to have three losses and Jorge Davino comes to raising 18avo club left in place with 13 points in 18 games.

First relegation[edit]

In 1986–87 Jorge Davino starting in 19 days had 10 points entering reason Mario Ayala exiting a game and then the Chilean Pedro Garcia could do nothing to prevent the first relegation in its history club breaking 43 years in the Primera División. The numbers were 40 games, 12 wins, 8 draws, 20 defeats 42 goals scored by 57 against to 32 points sentenced to relegation with Cobras de Querétaro that was the last. With three seasons in Segunda División de México (1987–88, 1988–89, 1989–90), Leon plans a good team by hiring technical climb just to Toros Neza in 1988–89, Victor Manuel Vucetich that he could not run because the club was sold immediately and the overall lead in the final faces second division to Inter Tijuana beating 3–0 the round and a 1–1 draw at Leon could ascend the June 3, 1990.


The Esmeralds were returning to the Primera División for the season 1990–91, directed by Victor Manuel Vucetich who debuted in the top flight and led the entire tournament, complying with a good job, leaving the club in sixth place with 41 points but did not qualify to be third in group 3, and Martin Uribe Francisco Peña highlighted with 13 and 12 goals.

In the 1991–92 season after the rise of second division formed his squad with players like goalkeeper Marco Antonio "Chato" Ferreira, the Brazilian Milton Queiroz "Tita" (leader and main figure scored 16 goals) and greater club idol Leon, Alberto Coyote, Carlos Turrubiates, Guadalupe Castaneda, Marco Antonio Benatto "engineered", Edgardo Fuentes, Martin Pena, Francisco Uribe, make a good campaign under head coach Victor Manuel Vucetich finish the season with 45 points and fourth place overall, faces in quarter-finals Cougars won both games 1–0, in semi–finals eliminates Cruz Azul a 3–3 overall tally first round lost 3–1 Lion goal was finalized by "Marquinho" beat the game back 2–0 with goals from Milton Queiroz and Martin Castaneda, moving more away goals, reaching the final to face Puebla FC where Leon used the situation as the poblanos were not concentrated to have extra problems sports, the emerald tie the game round 0–0 and take an apparent advantage against Leon where the June 7, 1992 the game was difficult to tie in regulation 0–0, in overtime on a goal imposed Carlos Turrubiates to 104 'and an own goal Aurelio Rivera at 106 'to win 2–0 and lift their fifth league title.

Second relegation[edit]

Robert Zermeno was shown as an arrogant leader who took the worst decisions, for winter 2001 took players like Jaime Ordiales and goalkeeper Luis Islas tournament that went through last salvation leaders instead came Zdenko Muff, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Eduardo Arancibia, Horacio Hernández and Efren Sánchez, all these movements caused the fall of the club that rescued just 19 points and was in last place with La Piedad and Celaya to be his direct opponent to avoid relegation, for Summer 2002 contracted players like Nicolas Sartori, Guido Alvarenga to rojinegros David Pacheco, Cesar Marquez and Gerardo Mascareño; Americanists and Edson Astivia and Raúl Gutiérrez, in addition to the Leon Israel Valadez, Ulises Gonzalez. From start Efrain Flores technical but with a dismal start six games without a win (4 losses and 2 draws) is stopped, then appoint Carter as coach Rafael Chavez debuting Atlante won 2–1 after the victory yet sewed five consecutive losses and 6 without a win to salvage a 2–1 La Piedad hurry that gave hope but losing 3–2, 4–2 Cruz Azul and Pumas salvation was complicated because it had to win the last 2 games and lost them Celaya, in the game falls vital 3–2 home against Puebla and its descent sentence, ending Necaxa maximum dismisses 2–0 defeating circuit. The numbers of the club in this tournament were 2 wins, 4 draws and 12 defeats 17 goals scored by 36 against to 10 points in the percentage occupied the last position of 18 teams with 103 points in 104 games for the convicted 1.0009 Celaya below and Puebla. Now with the decline in the city several protests demanding that the government recover the club, Roberto Cermak meanwhile noted that the team had not dropped because they would gain promotion to occupy 20th place and stated that they would not pay 5 million to the federation until Atlante did well, promotional series was against Veracruz where the leader had to swallow his words when his team lacked variants round losing 3–1 with 2 goals from Carlos Casartelli, 1 Fernando Juarez, Leon pulled by Leandro Augusto, the second leg was developed before a sellout at the Nou Camp where only Jarochos waited to take the tie to 0 to the despair of asking fans Cermak exit, the game ended in formalizing finally decline.

Liga de Ascenso[edit]

After relegation, the club changed ownership because it sells Zermeno Argentine businessman Carlos Ahumada. It creates a plan to climb the same year. So winter comes 2002 and formed his squad with players like goalkeeper Cirilo Saucedo, Jesus Fuentes, Cesar Marquez, Omar Raso, Ulises Delgado, Jairo Ugalde, Argentines Martin Villalonga, German Gords, Paraguayans Julio Cesar Colman, and Julio Cesar Yegros, but does not qualify. Summer 2003; club gets the lead with 40 points in league imposes on Tabasco 4–2 aggregate in semi-finals defeats Runner of CTU 3–2 on aggregate, in final against Tapatio on June 12 tied the first game 1–1, in the back with two runs of Colman won 2–1 to reach the game promotion. Mourning's rise could not be more emotional as his bitter rival would have to face, the game was played on June 18, 2003, the Emeralds fell 2–1 with goals from Ariel Gonzalez Gers and an own goal, the goal achieved by Ulises Gonzalez lions, before the repudiation of fans but still had a chance to reverse in Irapuato; On lap and before meeting the Estadio Sergio León Chávez was taken by an armed group allegedly hired by Lion executives to pressure the board to sell the club strawberry when he ascended but the property was recovered by several local fans violently. Already in the end, the match became complicated, Leon tried to tie global lashing but did not give the advantage and 11 minutes left Josiah Ferreira scored the 1–0 and gave the rise to Irapuato, and thus sentenced to Leon to stay a second year in the division of ascent.

As part of investigations into Ahumada Karts leave the board, the club was available to the PGR, in sports the Lion for opening foreign hired his best division[clarification needed] in Hector Alvarez that was scoring champion with 17, plus Sarria and Fabio Claudio Moreno made a good tournament for 37 points but was eliminated in the play-offs by technical Cobras was the Chilean Carlos Reinoso, then was deposed by his son Carlos Reinoso and directed the Edgardo Fuentes league.

Clausura 2004 directs José Luis Zaldivar strategist who had defeated in the previous ascent, as reinforcements arrive Diego Perrone Atlas, Tecos Gilberto Adame, Oribe Peralta and Luis Romero is achieved the overall lead with 39 points eliminated in quarter-finals Tigrillos Coapa 4–2 aggregate in the semi-finals imposed on Zacatepec overall and 7–4 in the final faces Dorados de Sinaloa where he won 2–1 on aggregate and forced to repeat a new series for the final for promotion. The first game ended in a tie with two goals in Lion Stadium with goals from Perrona to 83 ', and Luis Romero at 91', for the visit Aurelio Molina frame 24 'and Oscar Rojas 44'; and for the second game of June 5, 2004, lost 2–1 goals Christian Valdez 15 'and Roberto Dominguez 65', by Leon Juan Manuel Guerra to 52 '. So does admission to the First Division Golden and adds another failure to León.

Since the sentence given to Ahumada club lost property and Santos Laguna who recovered group Model and property were seized and a board formed by Adolfo García Reza to manage the club, that no funds divested its best players. In the Apertura 2004 is reinforced by Jorge Almiron, Guadalupe Castaneda, Federico Estudillo, Matías Urbano. As a coach was Carlos Bracamontes that had a slow start to reach 10 date was 12 points, but up rated it 32 points in the quarterfinals is eliminated by Cd Juarez Cobras 3–2 overall.

A curious fact is that in the game against him Cruz Azul Oaxaca, Leon celebrated its 60th anniversary, but could not realize because it would use a FMF commemorative uniform not allowed to use them and the shirt had buttons, and the rules of the Federation mark this as abuse, and to make matters worse the Sky Blues took the win in Estadio Nou Camp, staining and the anniversary of Guanajuato. In Clausura 2005 comes Juan Carlos Chavez as a coach, in his make dated 7 equals 6 consecutive wins since he plays in the division after beating Wolves 2–1 UAP, finished with 32 points in 5th place, Hector Alvarez record 12 goals in the quarter-finals defeat to Pachuca Junior 6–1 on aggregate goals of Sarria, Fierros, Castaneda, Esquivel, Sources and Mendoza, in semi-finals realizes Coatzacoalcos won 3–1 the overall goals of Sarria, Manuel Guerra and Bardo Fierros, so access to the final against Querétaro in the first leg at the Corregidora 2–1 win cocks many of Robert Nurse, Victor Mora, the green notes Juan M. War. In the return at the Nou Camp was unable to win when Armando Tavira shocked to 12 'to get ahead in the cocks, until Leobardo López tied the game at 50', Leon could win and send less time extra when defender Diego Coca attacked Hector Alvárez, so marked a penalty in the 81', which was executed by Luis Romero but failed to kill off the final and another failure, angry fans booed their players, causing various disturbances in the stands and visitors batons against Querétaro.

Apertura 2005 the team is led by veteran coach Augustine Santillan, as additions arrive Argentine goalkeeper Paul Sly, Tomas Banda, Jorge Collazo and Roberto Nurse, Leon gets 25 points ranked 2nd in group 2 but in eleventh place reclassification must face against Indios de Ciudad Juárez to which eliminate won the first 1–0 and drawing 3–3 in the return visitor and to eliminate league qualifies quartered Runner with overall 4–1 in semi-finals consume another failure by falling against Cruz Azul Oaxaca 3–2 overall.

Clausura 2006 with José Guadalupe Cruz technician finishes with 30 points and 5th place overall, to face Cruz Azul Oaxaca in the quarter-finals, get out then tie the aggregate score 3 general location -3 gave the pass to the blues. In 2006 Grupo Pegaso opening is responsible for the administration to seek promotion, with coach Juan Carlos Chavez arrives in another league ranking in 4th place in Group A and 9th place overall with 25 points, quartered faces Salamanca team that wins 4–1 on aggregate, some players from that squad were, Cesar Rios, Juan Rojas, Germán Gordos, Ignacio Hierro, Juan Manuel García Zavala, Irving Ruborosa, Diego Garay, José María Cárdenas, Diego Mejia Ignacio Quinteros and Bardo Fierros. Clausura 2007 joined this campus Sandro Sotillo, Hector Castro and Sergio Bueno as coach, with 33 points placed in Group A facing league are ranked third tournament followed by Cruz Azul Hidalgo in the round room they lose 3–1 at home, the back end golearlos advance to 3–0 on December 10, in semi-finals was against Puebla emotional series where wins round 2–0 goals from Hector Gomez and Ignacio Quinteros (ex Puebla) in the back with intense 3–3 on the Estadio Cuauhtémoc Leoneses eliminated the defending champion. In the end they found Golden collation leg was on May 16 at the Nou Camp Lion winning it 3–1 goals Fierros, Sotillo and Mejia. It seemed that this time would be more likely to advance to play in the game upgrade but the Sinaloa back the GoLean as usual 4–1 and added another failure. Apertura 2007, formed an interesting roster with men like Mauricio Romero scorer with 16 goals, Andres Ugalde, Edwin Borboa, Raymundo Torres and Heder Patiño, the team is qualified to lead the group with 23 points in the play-offs was eliminated by Indios de Ciudad Juárez 4–2 on aggregate.

Clausura 2008, continues Sergio Bueno forming another great tournament now with Freddy Barreiro leader finishes reinforcement in group A and 27 teams overall leader with 35 points in the quarter-finals round win 2–0 at Cruz Azul Hidalgo with goals from Freddy Barreiro and Mauritius Romero drawing 1–1 in the return of Jorge Almirón goal, in a 3–2 semi-finals defeat Durango with many of Borboja, Juan Carlos Rojas and Almirón; and reach the final against Golden tying the first game 2–2 and Romero Barreiro goals, turn held in Estadio Banorte on May 17; wins León Barreiro work 1–0 74' to get your ball game rise against Indios de Ciudad Juárez, which had a season ago eliminated in semi-finals, the round was the May 22 in Benito Juarez stadium where Indians won 1–0 both Carlos Casartelli, the return of May 25 at the Nou Camp when there was no border miracle came out with a 2–2 draw, the home side put themselves ahead with a goal by Tomas Quinones to 23', and leads Indians draw with goals from David Stringel 59' and Sebastian More than 71', the tie reaches final five minutes of Hector Gomez, time is not reached and the amount Indians, fans conceded defeat and applauded the champions while demanding the departure of Team Pegasus group.

For the Apertura 2008, the owner of Club León is not resolved. Pegasus argues that bought it, but Carlos Ahumada says it was through fraud he lost, so the PGR determines that Grupo Pegaso continue administering it, but Carlos Ahumada is the rightful owner and while the situation is not resolved this situation will continue. As a technician came Mario Garcia, the emeralds to locate in the opening in group 1, next to Golden, Academic, Tapatio, Salamanca, Real Colima, Tecos A, Irapuato and Tijuana, ending the tournament as leaders of Group 1 with 35 points qualifying for enfrentase again Irapuato that the tournament had humiliated 4–0 in León, the story would be different when freseros comprehensive 2–1 win them and I added another failure. Clausura 2009 this tournament now was located in group 2 with Dorados, Veracruz, Tigers B, Tampico, Pumas Morelos, Mexico State and Tapatio with an irregular tournament does not qualify to be in fourth place with 23 points. Apertura 2009 decide to replace the Mexican First Division A by Liga de Ascenso, where groups are removed only 7 qualifying 17 teams that had thus reducing the green bellies not qualify again by adding just 15 points 13 located in place. Bicentenario 2010 on May 5, 2010 gathered at the Victoria Stadium to face in first leg of the final, León and Necaxa, same which was won by the Necaxa 3–0, and so on May 8, 2010 Leon wins second leg 2–1, but not enough on aggregate, wasting another opportunity to return to the maximum circuit to lose 4–2 on aggregate. Apertura 2010 After the failure of the previous season, Leon was a staff similar to the previous tournament, but with characters like Jared Borgetti and Blas Perez, being the most relevant contracts, starting the tournament with coach Jose Luis Salgado, and after a defeat and a draw is dismissed of coaching which happens to be for Sergio Orduña during your stay which did not add no point, plunging the club into the worst crisis in its history by recording a draw and six losses and therefore sotaneo ranking as the Liga de Ascenso.

After the failure of Orduna, was appointed technical director Pintado "Painted" which manages to pull the team from last place in the table, putting it in the first eight points of the contest, but failed to qualify for the play-offs due to tie against Irapuato, leaving them with no ability to play big party Liga de Ascenso.

Clausura 2011 BH Capital sold the franchise to Club Deportivo Pachuca hiring several reinforcements as Julio Manzur, Luis Montes, Etc. reached the semi-finals but were defeated Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles lion was as superlíder table and Blas Perez as scoring champion.

For the Apertura 2011 comes back to the play-offs, where quarter-finals defeat to arch-rivals Club Deportivo Irapuato by an aggregate score of 3–0, and was eliminated in the semi-finals by the Football Club Reboceros of La Piedad on aggregate 6–5 in the first leg of La Piedad won by 3–0, however, the achievement Leon to even things 3–3, the team wanted to go for the win and neglect the goal, which the Reboceros took advantage of getting another 2 goals in order to win 5–3. In the second leg engaging leon manages to be gaining the score 2–0 and even the series, even the beast occupied one more to advance, since La Piedad'm better placed in the table, the Greens fought to get the goal but all that effort went down when Piety scored the 2–1, the picture is complicated and the end result as well, to add more to equipment failure.

Return to Primera División[edit]

Year 2012 new coach, the Uruguayan-Argentinian Gustavo Matosas, who began directing in the Clausura 2012 on January 7, 2012, but had been hired from September 2011, when even the upcoming Apertura 2011 and regulation issues that he could not have a presence off the bench or be registered as coach since he had been coaching the Querétaro the same tournament.

The balance of Matosas 10 wins, 4 draws and 0 defeats in 14 regular season dates, which resulted in an ERA of 70.83%, and as the overall leader qualified them directly to semi-finals of the play-offs. In the semi-finals pitted the Correcaminos UAT, key won by the score of 1–0 in the second match and faced the BUAP in the final. May 5, 2012, Leon was crowned undefeated champion of the Clausura 2012 by an aggregate score of 7–3 and the right to play again in the Final de Ascenso.

Leon was contesting their fourth final for promotion, against Irapuato in 2003, Dorados de Sinaloa in 2005 and Indios de Ciudad Juárez three tries, three misses.

They played the first game of the Final de Ascenso at Estadio Marte R. Gomez in Ciudad Victoria, with approximately 17,000 spectators, where the Club Leon lost 2–1, besides losing Sebastian Maz, the team's leading scorer for the crucial match due to suspension after being red carded, although with a header goal from Nacho Gonzalez and a last minute save by goalkeeper Melitón Hernández gave hope to the emeralds to reverse the score around in their stadium.

The second match was played in Estadio León completely packed, with just over 30,000 spectators. Thus, on May 12, 2012, it was the date of return of the 'Club León' to the México Primera División, starting with a goal of Carlos Peña also known as "El Gullit,"[3] rey de las praderas" to '17 and followed by goals from Luis Nieves, Eder Pacheco and two goals from Colombian Hernan Dario Burbano, to realize a score of 5–0 to 6–2 overall giving the promotion to Club León after 10 years of absence from the Primera División.

The festivities began shortly before the end of the match in the main thoroughfares of the city, primarily on the Boulevard Adolfo Lopez Mateos (which is the main artery of the city of León and is adjacent to stadium) and the Arco de la Calzada. On Sunday May 13, the team toured the city with the trophy, in a marked route from Estadio León to the City Hall, located in the historic center, this before tens of thousands of fans. Club León had won the Clausura 2014, thus becoming the second team in Mexico's history to win two consecutive league titles.

For the Clausura 2019 tournament, Club León qualified to the playoffs as the 1st place team. During that same season, they achieved the incredible record of winning 12 games in a row. No other team in professional history of first division in Mexico had ever achieved this before them. However, their streak was cut short after losing to Chivas 2–1. In that season, they reached the final by beating Tijuana and America in the quarter-finals and semi-finals respectively. Unfortunately, they lost in the final against Tigres 1-0 on aggregate.


Night view of the León Stadium.

Estadio León (also known as Estadio Nou Camp) is a football stadium located in the city of Leon, in the state of Guanajuato in Mexico. The stadium hosts Leon and some lower division teams and subsidiaries. It is also used for special events such as presentations and musicals.

Construction of the stadium started on August 18, 1965 and, at the end of 1966, the finished building that would house Los Esmeraldas was completed.

On February 1, 1967, the stadium was inaugurated with a match between Santos of Brazil and River Plate of Argentina, the match ending with a 2–1 victory in favor of the Brazilian team.

Estadio León has hosted 2 World Cups, the first being Mexico '70, with guests such as West Germany, Peru, Bulgaria and Morocco, as well as hosting the quarterfinal game between West Germany and England. During Mexico '86, the stadium hosted group matches featuring the Soviet Union, France, Hungary and Canada, as well a second round match between the USSR and Belgium.

Its address is Boulevard Adolfo Lopez Mateos 1810, Colonia La Martinique, CP 37500, León, Guanajuato, Mexico and has a capacity of 33,943 spectators. It is divided into four main areas: North Header (Sol 5), south Header (Sol 10), West (Preferred) and East (Zone A), in addition to more than 300 boxes.

On March 8, 2017, judiciary officials of the city of Leon determined that ownership of Estadio Leon is still in fact property of previous Club Leon owners Zermeño Reyes y Héctor González. It is unknown if negotiations will begin for Grupo Pachuca to purchase the stadium or if Club León will relocate after the 2017 Clausura season.[4]

The current using stadium will become into a historical stadium and there, parts of the stadium will become into a museum. People will soon start building the new stadium in León for the future team.


The oldest rivalry of Club León is with Unión de Curtidores, a rivalry which began as a derby because both teams reside in the city of León, Guanajuato. Unión de Curtidores was founded in 1928, and during its early years it was the dominant team in the city of León. However, when they joined the Liga Mayor (now Liga MX) in 1943, part of the team merged with Selección de Guanajuato, taking the name of Unión-León, which later became Club León, starting the rivalry between the two teams.

Despite the rivalry against Los Curtidores being the oldest in León, the most important today is against Irapuato, with whom they star in the Clásico del Bajio, which has been fought in both the Primera División and the Primera División A (now Ascenso MX). The most exciting match between these two teams was in the final ascent match in 2003, which Irapuato won with a score of 2–1 at the Nou Camp courtyard and 1–0 at the Estadio Sergio León Chávez, thus achieving the pass to the maximum circuit.

Another very important rivalry is against Pachuca C.F. mainly because of similar owners for the two clubs. However it has only been recently that the teams have had a derby against each other due to the lack of games played between both clubs. On July 11, 2018, Club León and Pachuca met in a friendly played in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers. Pachuca won the match 3–1 in front of 18,321 fans.[5]



Liga MX
Ascenso MX
Copa MX
Campeón de Campeones
  • Champions (5): 1947–48, 1948–49, 1955–56, 1970–71, 1971–72
  • Runners-up (5): 1958, 1967, 1971, 1972, 2013

Friendly tournaments[edit]

Copa León
  • Champions (2): 2004, 2012
Torneo Cuna del Fútbol Mexicano
  • Champions (1): 2012
Copa Telcel
  • Champions (1): 2013
Trofeo Joan Gamper
  • Runners-up (1): 2014


First-team squad[edit]

As of 12 January 2020[6]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Mexico GK Guillermo Pozos
3 Mexico DF Gil Burón
4 Colombia DF Andrés Mosquera
5 Mexico DF Fernando Navarro
6 Colombia DF William Tesillo
7 Argentina MF Ismael Sosa (on loan from UANL)
8 Costa Rica FW Joel Campbell (on loan from Frosinone)
9 Argentina FW Leonardo Ramos
10 Mexico MF Luis Montes (Captain)
11 Colombia MF Yairo Moreno
12 Mexico MF José Rodríguez
13 Ecuador MF Ángel Mena
14 Mexico FW Jesús Godínez (on loan from Guadalajara)
No. Position Player
15 Mexico MF Iván Ochoa
16 Chile MF Jean Meneses
18 Peru MF Pedro Aquino
19 Uruguay FW Nicolás Sosa
20 Colombia MF Jown Cardona
22 Mexico DF Miguel Ángel Herrera
23 Argentina DF Ramiro González
24 Mexico DF Osvaldo Rodríguez
25 United States GK William Yarbrough
28 Colombia DF Jaine Barreiro (on loan from Atlas)
30 Mexico GK Rodolfo Cota
32 Mexico GK Sebastián Fassi
35 Mexico DF Ignacio González (3rd captain)

Out on loan[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Mexico GK Luis Macías (at Cruz Azul Hidalgo)
Mexico GK Jared Muñoz (at Tlaxcala)
Chile DF Juan Cornejo (at Universidad Católica)
Mexico DF Jorge Durán (at Durango)
Mexico DF Jorge Gaytán (at Irapuato)
Mexico DF Omar Mireles (at Zacatecas)
No. Position Player
Mexico DF Óscar Suárez (at Sonora)
Mexico MF Jorge Díaz (at Everton)
Mexico MF Luis Miguel Franco (at Yalmakán)
Mexico MF Carlos Guerrero (at Celaya)
Argentina MF Rubens Sambueza (at Pachuca)
Argentina FW Maximiliano Cerato (at Everton)

Top Goalscorers[edit]

No.[7] Name LEA CUP CDC CON LIB Total
1 Mexico Adalberto "Dumbo" López 126 9 1 - - 136
2 Argentina Mauro Boselli 90 11 - 1 4 123
3 Brazil Tita 88 2 - 7 - 97
4 Argentina Roberto Salomone 96 96
5 Mexico Fernando Navarro 91 1 - - 92
5 Mexico Luis Estrada 91 - 1 - 92
7 Argentina Oswaldo Martinoli 77 - 2 - 79
8 Mexico Sergio Anaya 55 - - - 55
9 Mexico Carlos Peña 46 4 - - 3 53
10 Mexico Luis Montes 52 - - - - 52

Reserve teams[edit]

Current staff[edit]

As of February 12, 2019[citation needed]



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