Club Melilla Baloncesto

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Melilla Baloncesto
Melilla Baloncesto logo
Leagues LEB Oro
Founded 1991; 27 years ago (1991)
History Club Melilla Baloncesto
Arena Javier Imbroda Ortiz
Arena Capacity 3,800
Location Melilla, Spain
Team colors Navy, Blue, White
President Jaime Auday
Vice-president(s) Mustafa Mohand
Head coach Alejandro Alcoba
Championships 3 Copa Príncipe

Club Melilla Baloncesto is a professional basketball team based in Melilla that plays in the LEB league. This is the only team in Spain that played all LEB seasons.

The team's home arena is the Pabellón Javier Imbroda Ortiz (formerly known as Ciudad de Melilla), with a capacity of up to 3,800 spectators.


Club Melilla Baloncesto was founded in 1991 as a merge of Baloncesto Melilla and CB Gran Tercio. In its first season, played in the second division with the name of Unicaja Melilla as an affiliated team of Liga ACB club Unicaja. Despite being relegated, remained in the league after its expansion to 31 teams, that allowed the club to continue playing in the second division, indeed when the Liga EBA was created.

In 1996, Melilla became one of the founding clubs of the Liga LEB. In 1999, the club achieved their first title by winning the Copa Príncipe de Asturias after defeating Menorca Bàsquet in the final, and is close to promote to the Liga ACB, but was eliminated in the last round of the playoffs by Breogán Universidade.

In 2001, Melilla clinched their segund Copa Príncipe de Asturias, this time beating Bàsquet Manresa in the Final Four played at home. After several years of consolidation in the league, in 2008 the club reached again the last round of the promotion playoffs but lost to Lucentum Alicante in the last round. One year later, despite winning their third Cup and despite being the top seeded team, was eliminated in the semifinals of the promotion playoffs to Ford Burgos.

In 2013 the club suffered their first relegation ever from the LEB Oro, but remained in the league after achieving a vacant place. Three years later, in 2016, the club clinched the promotion to Liga ACB[1], but resigned to join the league resigned to promote due to the impossibility to fulfill the requirements.[2]


Pos. Starting 5 Bench 1 Bench 2
C Senegal Mamadou Samb Senegal Massine Fall Spain Fran Guerra
PF Spain Javi Lucas
SF Spain Pablo Almazán Spain Edu Durán Spain Juan Rubio
SG Canada Diego Kapelan Serbia Filip Đuran
PG Spain Dani Rodríguez Spain Miki Servera

Season by season[edit]

Season Tier Division Pos. W–L Cup competitions
1991–92 2 1ª División 14th[a] 11–29
1992–93 2 1ª División 24th 17–19
1993–94 2 1ª División 23rd 17–13
1994–95 2 Liga EBA 6th 15–11
1995–96 2 Liga EBA 4th
1996–97 2 LEB 7th 20–13
1997–98 2 LEB 10th 11–17 Copa Príncipe QF
1998–99 2 LEB 3rd 22–12 Copa Príncipe C
1999–00 2 LEB 5th 20–13 Copa Príncipe SF
2000–01 2 LEB 12th 11–19 Copa Príncipe C
2001–02 2 LEB 7th 17–18
2002–03 2 LEB 11th 13–17
2003–04 2 LEB 10th 16–18
2004–05 2 LEB 12th 14–20
2005–06 2 LEB 15th 14–20
2006–07 2 LEB 13th 15–19 Copa Príncipe SF
2007–08 2 LEB 10th 15–19
2008–09 2 LEB Oro 3rd 26–12 Copa Príncipe RU
2009–10 2 LEB Oro 4th 29–14 Copa Príncipe C
2010–11 2 LEB Oro 11th 14–20
2011–12 2 LEB Oro 3rd 27–21
2012–13 2 LEB Oro 14th[b] 6–20
2013–14 2 LEB Oro 11th 10–16
2014–15 2 LEB Oro 9th 13–17
2015–16 2 LEB Oro 2nd[c] 31–10 Copa Princesa RU
2016–17 2 LEB Oro 7th 19–18
  1. ^ Remained in the league as a result of an expansion.
  2. ^ Remained in LEB Oro due to vacant berths.
  3. ^ Did not promote as the club did not fulfill the requirements to play in Liga ACB.

Trophies and awards[edit]


Individual awards[edit]

All-LEB Oro Team


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