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Club Seven is an early United States television series, which aired from 12 August 1948 to 1951 on ABC. Some episodes were 30 minutes, while others were 15 minutes.


The series was a live television variety show set in a mock nightclub. Featured were Tony Bavaar, Bobby Byrne, and Johnny Thompson.[1]

The concept was also used by several other early television series. The Morey Amsterdam Show (1948-1949 on CBS, 1949-1950 on DuMont) was also a variety series set at a night club, as was The Ilona Massey Show (1954-1955, DuMont). Additionally, Hold That Camera (1950, DuMont), Café de Paris (1949, DuMont), Chez Paree Revue (1950, DuMont) and the British series Café Continental (1947–1953, BBC) were variety series set in nightclubs or restaurants.

Early Australian variety series Cafe Continental (1958-1961, ABC) was also set in a restaurant, along with The Late Show (HSV-7, 1957-1959), and unrelated series Club Seven (1959-1961, HSV-7). Another Australian series, Rendezvous at Romano's (TCN-9, 1957) may have also featured such a setting. Early Canadian series Nightcap also used the cabaret concept.

Episode status[edit]

A single 30-minute episode from 1949 is held by the UCLA Film and Television Archive, featuring Lord Buckley as the guest star.[2]

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