Club Test 01

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Club Test 01
Bloom 06 Club Test 01.jpg
EP by Bloom 06
Released November 28, 2008
Genre Alternative / Dance / Electronica
Length 23:37
Label Blue Boys
Producer Jeffrey Jey, Maurizio Lobina
Bloom 06 chronology
Crash Test 02
(2008)Crash Test 022008
Club Test 01
Club Test 02
(2009)Club Test 022009

Club Test 01 is Bloom 06's first EP, released on November 28, 2008 in Italy. Other release dates have yet to be announced.[1] This EP includes 4 tracks, consisting of remixes of four tracks from Crash Test 02. The first track is the album mix of "Between the Lines". Following is a re-imagined version of the group's previous hit, Blue (Da Ba Dee), then an English version and remix of Un'altra Come Te. Ending the EP is a remix of Welcome to the Zoo, yet to be released for preview.[2]

Club Test 01 Previews[edit]

On October 7, Bloom 06 announced that there will be a preview of the song "Blue (Da Ba Dee) [Bloom 06 2008 Extended Concept]" on their MySpace website.[3] On October 16, "Being Not Like You (Elektro Pop Remix)" was posted there as well.[4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Between the Lines (Album Mix)" 6:01
2. "Blue (Da Ba Dee) [Bloom 06 2008 Extended Concept]" 7:44
3. "Being Not Like You (Elektro Pop Remix)" 4:38
4. "Welcome to the Zoo (D-Deck Rmx)" 5:54


  • Jeffrey Jey (real name Gianfranco Randone) - lead vocals, bass.
  • Maury Lobina (real name Maurizio Lobina) – keyboards, guitar, backing vocals.

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