C.F. Jabatos de Nuevo León

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Jabatos de Nuevo León
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Full nameClub de Fútbol Nuevo León
Nickname(s)Jabatos, La Piara Salvaje
GroundEstadio Universitario
Monterrey, México
ManagerMexico Felipe de Jesús Ocampo
LeagueSegunda División Profesional

Jabatos de Nuevo León (or Club de Fútbol Nuevo León) is a former Mexican football club founded in 1957 in the second division.The club participated in the first division among various inferior divisions from 1957 until 1990. In 1990 it was sold due to lack of fan support because they had two other professional clubs that played for the state of Nuevo León, C.F. Monterrey and Tigres de la UANL.


The club was founded by a group of local business owners Lauro Leal, César M. Saldaña, Manolo Pando y Ramón Pedroza Langarica in 1957 after the group bought Deportivo Anáhuac, who was playing in the second division at the time.[2]

The first board of directors were:

  • President – Lauro Leal
  • Secretary – César M. Saldaña
  • Treasurer – Manuel Pando
  • Club Representative – Arq. Efraín Farías y Cutberto Ancira

The club made its second division debut against Reboceros De La Piedad on July 13. Carlos Guerrero scored the only goal, giving the club its first win and first goal ever. Jabatos lineup for the game was Miguel "Cabrito" Rodríguez, Muñiz, Camacho, Arizmendi, Oscar de Alba, Ignacio "Nachito" Hernández, Héctor "Píjola" Pequeño, Juan Fidalgo, Carlos Guerrero, Mingo Herrera and Orozco. Their first win at home was on July 20, 1958 in a 4–3 win over Querétaro FC with goals scored by Orozco, Fidalgo, Carlos Guerrero and Lizazo.

In 1959–60, the club was sold to Tigres due to economic problems, so for the next two years the club was used as the Tigres de la UANL inferior reserve squad from 1960–1962.

At the end of 1962, Ernesto Romero Jasso, who at the time owned the club, decided to sell the club to Sergio Salinas, who decided to bring back the club's name and colors. The club made its return to the second division playing C.F. Pachuca in their first game back, winning that match 4–2 match played in the Estadio Tecnológico. One goal was scored by Zulueta, two by "Chebo" Muñoz, and one by Paco Montes. The players in that game included Mancillas, Thompson, Bravo, Medina, "Zorro" Vargas, Montes, Chava Vargas, Gallaga, "Poncho" Rocha, Muñiz, Pequeño and Zulueta.

The club will go down in history by winning the first game ever played in Estadio Universitario after defeating the Mexico national football team. The stadium held two matches before, but the first was a 1–1 draw between C.F. Monterrey and Atlético Madrid the second was also a 1–1 draw between Jabatos and Sheffield United F.C..

Directed by one dupla conformed by Paulino Sanchez and Alberto Etcheverry, who at the same time was a player, the Jabatos made their presentation in the maximum circuit in the season again 1966–67, being in sixth general place. They were in history like the team that gained the first victory in University Stage, and this one was on Selection of soccer of Mexico. The stage was inaugurated 30 of May 1967 with the game between Monterrey and Athletic of Madrid, but this it finished even to a goal, later the Jabatos tied 1–1 with Sheffield United, was so the first victory in this stage occurred until 1 July 1967. The encounter was quite attractive because the national selection of Mexico appeared in province, the party began and ' ' The Tri' ' it was put ahead to the 44 minutes when Javier Bazan sent a flat center that Enrique Borja turned into goal. For the second time the emeralds tied to minute 74, when Javier Garci'a Lomelí acquired a corner shot was looked for by "The Halcón" Rock, of the Selection, and Jose Curled Alvarez, but no managed to connect, managing to arrive at Pole Beard that was in charge to end, writing down in the angle left superior, few minutes later Alberto Etcheverry would write down the 2–1 placing the ball over Javier "Gato" Vargas. The alignment of the Nuevo Leo'n in that encounter was: Alvarez of the Tower, Javier Garci'a Lomelí, Frank Alfredo, Guillermo "Tigre" Sepúlveda, Vicente Alvarez, Arthur "Chongas" Herrera (Dámaso Perez), Roberto "La Polla" Garza (de la colonia vidriera), Leopoldo Beard, Héctor Hernandez (Goldaracena), Alberto Etcheverry and Jose Curled Alvarez. Whereas by Selection of soccer of Mexico aligned: Javier "Gato" Vargas, Javier Bazan, Gustavo "Halcón" Rock, Carlos Albert, "Pichojos" Perez, Alfredo of the Eagle, Regueiro, Fernando Busts (Manuel Lapuente), Enrique Borja (Javier Fragoso), Luis "Chino" Estrada and Bristle Cinnamon 14 of January 1968 was perhaps one of the most laborious days in the history of the club, since they would receive its made goals major historical, this before Guadalajara, losing by a 10–2 marker. In this division would play until the season 1968–69 when Gold of Jalisco descends after playing 3 games within Aztec Stage, 1–1, 2–2 and 1–0 in favor of Gold were the results. In 1968 the club obtained it biggest loss against C.D. Guadalajara, 10–2. The club would play in the top division till the 1968–69 tournament when the club finished last and lost a promotional match against Club Oro. In order to ascend again, the team maintained nearly the same lineup in the 1969–70 season of the Second Division. Nevertheless they didn't achieve success.

For the season 1970–71 the team bet on having well trained young players as the basic forces of the club. This did not play out as planned, and the team was last of the second division and descended to Third Mexican division. In that then ones Mexico did not exist one third division formed in the North, reason why the cost that implied to have a tax exemption in this place was too much, due to this the Jabatos for the second time disappears in the season 1971–72. In the 1973–74 season, the Jabatos returned to soccer and began the third division in the north. They played in the third division until the season 1978–79, when they disappeared for a third time. For the season 1987–88 the Club was revived by the Rivero brothers, who acquired a tax exemption of second "B". The Jabatos took the league and in his first season obtained the title and the ascent to Second "A". In the 1988–89 season, the team arrived at the Second "A" national league, but lost to Venados F.C., and the ascent hopes died. Due to the lack of support of industrialists in Monterrey the Rivero brothers decides to sell the tax exemption to "Group Leo" Cocktail snacks; they took the team to Forecastle and turned it into "Club de Leones de Saltillo A.C." that descended to Second "B" in the season 1990–91. In this way, the aim of the Jabatos ended.

In 2006 Danny Anthony Caamano was the youngest athlete to join the team and was a magnificent player. He led the team to the Mexican Sectional division. He played forward and scored a total of 14 goals. He later retired at 21.[citation needed]

Primera División de México Statistics[edit]

93 26 25 42 113 139 77 −26
  • GP – Games Played
  • W – Wins
  • D – Draws
  • L – Loss
  • GF – Goals in favor
  • GC – Goals Against
  • Pts – Points
  • DIF – Difference


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