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Full name Clube Desportivo Sinagoga
Ground Sinagoga on the island of
Santo Antão, Cape Verde
Chairman Cape Verde Rui Fernandes
Manager Cape Verde Cadoram
League Santo Antão Island League (North)
2015–16 1st

Clube Desportivo Sinagoga, also known as Sinagoga Futebol Clube (also in the Capeverdean Crioulo forms of ALUPEC or ALUPEK and the São Vicente Crioulo) is a football club that had played in the Premier division and plays in the Santo Antão Island League South Zone in Cape Verde. It is based in the village of Sinagoga in the northeastern part of the island of Santo Antão. Its current manager is Cadoram since November 2016. The stadium is located in the northern part of the island, next to the mountains in Ponta do Sol at Estádio João Serra. Since the introduction of the Second Division in the 2012-13 season, the club are one of three that have never been relegated, the others are Os Foguetões and Paulense.


The club area serves the easternmost areas of the municipality of Ribeira Grande and the eastern part of the parish of Nossa Senhora do Rosário. The club area serves the village of Sinagoga along with the settlements of Lombo Branco, Monte Joana and Pinhão.


In mid-2004, CD Sinagoga became a registered club of the Santo Antão North Zone Football Association and participated for the first time in the 2005 season.

Sinagoga won their first cup title in 2005 and then their second in 2014 and are now two clubs in the North Zone possesssing the second most cup titles, the other being Rosariense. As cup winner, Sinagoga faced off against the champion Paulense in the 2014 in the Santo Antão North Zone Super Cup and lost to Paulense. Also in 2014, Sinagoga won their only opening tournament title.

Sinagoga finished first in the Santo Antão North Zone with 28 points, 9 wins and a draw, it was the best season the club had. Now, Sinagoga won their only championship title for the 2015/16 season, it is one of some clubs in Cape Verde that appeared in the national championship for the first time in mid May,[1] the club finished last in Group A with 2 points, four goals were scored and never got a win. Also Sinagoga made it up to the finals of the 2016 North Zone's cup and lost to Paulense. Sinagoga faced Paulense, overall their second time the cup winner in the Northern Santo Antão Super Cup and Sinagoga became the recent club the claim the first title. Also as champion of the North Zone, Sinagoga qualified into the Santo Antão Super Cup for the first time, Sinagoga lost the competition in the finals to Académica do Porto Novo.

In the 2016-17 season, the club had a near successful season but finished as a runner-up in the regional Premier Division behind Paulense again, they had 15 points, four wins and four draws and had fewer goals scored with 13, fourth overall which was fewer than fifth placed Os Foguetões. It was a different direction for Sinagoga as Paulense was out in the quarterfinals in the North Zone's cup competition, Sinagoga reached the semis on February 25 and on April 17, the finals and the club lost in the penalty shootouts to Rosariense..

Logo and uniform[edit]

Its logo features a light silver pointed semicircular shield with a thin black circle rim in the middle, the club name on top (also as Sinagoga Futebol Clube), two black edges on the bottom and the club's location under the island name on bottom. Two red colored sharks or tuna are on top over the soccer ball.

Its uniform for home has a blue t-shirt with white sleeves and thin sides and has blue shorts and white socks, its away uniform has its color white except for its shorts which are blue.


Estádio João Serra, the stadium also used by CD Sinagoga

Estádio João Serra is a multi-use stadium in of Ponta do Sol, Cape Verde. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium holds 2,000. The stadium has seat rows in the south side and is located south of the town center. Every club of the Santo Antão Premier and Second Division including Sinagoga plays at the stadium along with Rosariense, Paulense, Beira Mar and Os Foguetões. Also the stadium is home to Solpontense.

As Sinagoga has no football field of its own, their main home stadium is Campo de Futebol de Tarrafal, located in Ribeira Grande just south of the Atlantic which has no seats, it sits with the main road (Estrada de Vale de Paul) connecting Ribeira Grande and Porto Novo (EN1-SA01) via Janela, though primarily trains at that field.


2004/05, 2013/14

League and cup history[edit]

National championship[edit]

Season Div. Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA GD P Notes Playoffs
2016 1A 6 5 0 2 3 4 10 -6 2 Did not advanced Did not participated
Total: 5 0 2 3 4 10 -6 2

Regional Championship[edit]

Season Div. Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA GD P Santo Antão
North Cup
Santo Antāo
Super Cup
Tour Notes
2013–14 2 3 10 3 3 4 14 15 -1 12 Winner Winner
2014–15 2 2 10 5 2 3 15 12 -3 17
2015–16 2 1 10 9 1 0 19 3 +16 28 Finalist Finalist Not held Promoted into the National Championships
2016–17 2 2 10 4 3 3 13 10 +3 15 Finalist Upcoming


  • Best ranking: 6th (national) - group stage
  • Appearances at the Santo Antão North Zone Island Championships: 13
  • Appearances at a Super Cup competition:
    • Santo Antão South Zone: 2
    • Santo Antão: Once
  • Total goals scored: 4 (national)
  • Total points: 2 (national)
  • Highest number of points in a season: 28 (regional), in 2016
  • Highest number of wins in a season: 9 (regional), in 2016
  • Highest scoring match(es) at the National Championships: 2 matches with two goals
    • Sinagoga 2-3 Sporting Brava, May 15, 2016
    • SC Atlético 2-2 Sinagoga, June 4, 2016

Current squad[edit]

As of 15 February 2017

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Cape Verde Gogol

Managerial history[edit]

  • Cape Verde Narciso (until November 2016)
  • Cape Verde Cadoram (since November 2016)


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