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Industry Dance Compilation albums,
Radio / Television
Genre Dance chart, House, Trance, Euphoric, Eurodance
Founded United Kingdom, 2002
Founder Matt Cadman
Headquarters United Kingdom, Blackburn, Lancashire
Products Clubland 1 - 28
Services online, TV, compilation, app
Owner All Around The World

Clubland is a brand created by the UK dance record labels All Around the World and Universal Music TV. Since 2002 Clubland has made many dance compilation albums, including the popular Clubland series, which is currently up to Volume 28, which was released on 13 November 2015. Clubland also hosts live events in various nightclubs and clubland Ibiza, and in 2008 many Clubland artists featured on the Clubland Night of Your Life arena tour. Clubland also release a monthly radio show podcast from its website and in January 2008, Clubland launched its own digital TV channel, Clubland TV.


The Clubland Website, featured various content such as music, videos, mixes, downloads, games, live chat, and so much more. You could access all the latest information about albums, upcoming events, live performances and more. It also contained a Clubland shop in which you could buy various official Clubland merchandise such as t-shirts. The Clubland website no longer exists, and instead, has been put into the hands of the 'All Around the World' website ( where you can see the latest information about Clubland albums, and other music by All Around the World.

Radio Show Podcasts[edit]

Since October 2006, each month there had been a podcast released by Clubland, available for listeners to download from their website [1] or iTunes [2]. Dave Bethell presented the podcast, which was usually about 30 minutes long, in the same style as a radio show and the podcast was also used mainly to air exclusive new Clubland tracks and advertise forthcoming Clubland releases and events. Podcasts are now unavailable.

Clubland TV[edit]

In January 2008, Clubland launched its own TV channel on Sky channel 383. The channel airs the latest Clubland music videos as well as Clubland classics. In the future the channel will show live events and interviews from Clubland as well as competitions and prizes. The channel is now on Virgin TV channel 345 and Freeview channel 89.

Live Events[edit]

Clubland often hold live events across various nightclubs in Great Britain, Ireland and Magaluf in Mallorca. Flip & Fill usually tour nightclubs with MC Domino and Frisco and sometimes a Live PA act, in an event called "Flip & Fill's Clubland Tour". Launch parties are held around the time of a new Clubland or Clubland X-Treme Hardcore release, with live performances by Clubland artists, such as Flip & Fill and Ultrabeat, and these are used to help promote the release and filming for the album trailers.

On their website, Clubland usually promote the weekend events of some of their favorite venues and some of the hardcore events taking place, as well as promoting the live performances of some of their artists. Clubland also promoted Cascada's UK tour with Ultrabeat in September - October 2007.

Clubland Live[edit]

In March 2008, Clubland held Clubland Live, an arena tour across seven arenas in the UK with some of the biggest acts in Clubland appearing. Cascada and Scooter headlined the tour and some of the acts appearing on the tour were Ultrabeat, Flip & Fill, N-Trance and Kelly Llorenna.

Clubland Live 2[edit]

A second tour followed in November and December 2008, this time with Scooter headlining and acts including September, Kate Ryan, Darren Styles and Ultrabeat.

Clubland Live 3[edit]

In July 2009, Clubland's website revealed the dates for Clubland Live 3 with Cascada headlining the show. Other performers include Agnes Carlsson (aka Agnes), N-Dubz and Darren Styles. The shows started on 26 Nov. at the Glasgow SECC Arena and ended on 6 December at The National Indoor Arena, Birmingham. [3]

Clubland Live 4[edit]

The Clubland Live 4 tour was scheduled to take place in October 2010 at various locations across the country. Headlined by Scooter and other acts including Tinchy Stryder, Ultrabeat, ItaloBrothers, Roll Deep, N-Force, Aggro Santos, Friday Night Posse, Dougal & Gammer, Alex K, MC's Domino & Whizzkid. The entire tour was cancelled on 6 October 2010 due to 'unforeseen circumstances' [4], after an announcement on the official Clubland website. No further information was given.


Compilation albums[edit]

Clubland series[edit]

The international cover of Clubland 2, released in Germany, with the cover design of Ultimate NRG 3 which was released in the UK.

Clubland X-Treme Hardcore series[edit]

Floorfillers series[edit]

  • Floorfillers
  • Floorfillers 2
  • Floorfillers 3
  • Floorfillers 4
  • Floorfillers Club Classics
  • Floorfillers Anthems
  • Floorfillers 08
  • Floorfillers Clubmix
  • Floorfillers 80's Club Classics
  • Floorfillers 2010
  • Monster Floorfillers
  • Floorfillers 2011
  • Floorfillers Party Mix
  • Ultimate Floorfillers
  • Floorfillers Old Skool
  • Floorfillers Club Anthems

Dance Mania series[edit]

  • Dance Mania
  • Dance Mania 2
  • Dance Mania Party (CD/DVD) - Released 8 December 2008

Ultimate NRG series (Mixed By Alex K)[edit]

  • Ultimate NRG
  • Ultimate NRG 2
  • Ultimate NRG 3
  • Ultimate NRG 4
  • Ultimate NRG Megamix
  • Ultimate NRG 5

Clubmix series[edit]

  • Clubmix 2003
  • Clubmix 2004
  • Clubmix 2005
  • Clubmix 2006
  • Clubmix 2007
  • Clubmix Classics


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