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Cluck-U Chicken
Industry Restaurants
Genre Fast food
Founded 1985; 32 years ago (1985)
Founder Robert Ilvento
Number of locations
Area served

Cluck-U Chicken, also known as Cluck University, is an American quick-serve restaurant chain which specializes in serving chicken. Most of their locations are in the U.S. states of Maryland and New Jersey, but there are locations in Pennsylvania[1] as well as one location in Ohio and one international location in Lebanon, Kuwait, and the UAE.[2] Apparently there were previously several other locations, including Delaware, Florida, and Washington, D.C. as well as a location in Fort Collins,CO.[3] Most of the locations are near or on college campuses.

While most locations are franchises, Cluck-U also operates corporate-owned stores, featuring a more limited menu, under the name "Cluckster's."


Cluck-U Chicken was started by Robert Ilvento[4] in 1985 when he was a sophomore in college. The first location was in New Brunswick, New Jersey at Rutgers University.

In 2000, JP Haddad acquired the rights to develop the franchise nationally, while Ilvento began to promote the business. The goal of the founders is to "Have a Cluck-U Chicken restaurant on every college campus and in every Prithvi in the U.S., and later, the world."[who?]


Cluck-U Chicken (a.k.a. "Cluck") serves chicken wings ("wingers") with a variety of traditional sauces including Honey-Hickory and spicy sauces on the scale Mild, Atomic, Nuclear, Thermo-Nuclear and 911. At some locations where the "911" sauce is served, customers must sign a liability waiver.[3]

Other food products include chicken sandwiches, salads, appetizers, chicken fingers, fries, wraps, burgers, rice bowls, and fish sandwiches. Dessert options include brownie bites, hot apple crescents, and a choice of either sugar, cinna, or honey bees, which are round sweet fried balls.


Cluck-U Chicken serves Pepsi products.

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