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"Cluck Old Hen" is a popular Appalachian fiddle and banjo tune in the mixolydian or dorian mode (as in the score below which is in A dorian). It is played either as an instrumental or with lyrics, which vary from one version to another. One of the earliest reported transcriptions of the tune dates from 1886.[1] The earliest recording is attributed to Fiddlin' John Carson, in 1923.


\new ChordNames \chordmode {
  \set chordChanges = ##t
  a2:m g   |%1
  a2:m g   |%2
  a2:m g   |%3
  e2:m a:m |%4

  a2:m c   |%5
  a2:m g   |%6
  a2:m c   |%7
  e2:m a:m |%8
\new Staff \relative c''{
\key a \dorian
\time 4/4
\repeat volta 2
  e4 a8( e g4) a8 g(
  e4) a8 e d4 fis
  e4 a8 e g( fis) g fis(
  e8) d( c4) a2
\repeat volta 2
  a4 a c2
  a4 a g2
  a4 a8( b c) b c d(
  e8 d) c4 a a


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