Cluj-Napoca train station

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Gara Cluj-Napoca
Căile Ferate Române
Gara Cluj-Napoca.jpg
View of the station building
LocationCluj-Napoca, Romania
Coordinates46°47′3.717″N 23°35′10.99″E / 46.78436583°N 23.5863861°E / 46.78436583; 23.5863861Coordinates: 46°47′3.717″N 23°35′10.99″E / 46.78436583°N 23.5863861°E / 46.78436583; 23.5863861
Owned byCFR
Preceding station   CFR   Following station
toward Oradea
CFR Intercity 300
Train in Cluj Napoca railway station

Cluj-Napoca train station is the main railway station in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It is located near the city center.


Early view of the station.

Two plaques on the building commemorate the 100th and 125th anniversary of the opening of the station on September 7, 1870.[1] The Cluj-Napoca railway station was designed and built by Hungarian architect Ferenc Pfaff,[2] when the city was part of Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Current situation[edit]

The station is situated on the Căile Ferate Române line 300 Bucharest - Ploieşti - Braşov - Teiuş - Cluj-Napoca - Oradea - Episcopia Bihor and the line Cluj-Napoca - Dej - Ilva Mică. As of 2008, Cluj-Napoca railway station serves about 100 passengers trains, including domestic trains operated by Căile Ferate Române. Cluj-Napoca offers connections with the majority of Romanian cities, as well as service to Budapest, Hungary.

Distance from other railway stations[edit]



CFR classes 140 and 050 shunting at Cluj-Napoca, summer 1972


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