Clusters School of Digital Arts

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Clusters College For Media & Design
Type Animation, Visual Effects, Sound Engineering, Film Editing, Advertisement Design & Game Programming
Location Los Angeles, Bangalore, Kerala, Philippines, Chennai

Clusters College For Media & Design/Clusters School of Digital Arts is one of the largest film, visual effects, television, animation and media arts institute in India, providing education in technical aspects of the media and entertainment industry. Courses vary in duration from 6 months to 18 months, full-time and part-time


Regular courses
  • Diploma in Digital Art of Animation
  • Diploma in Digital Art of Visual effects
  • Diploma in Sound Engineering and Mixing
  • Diploma in Film Editing
  • Diploma in Game Designing
  • Diploma in Film Compositing
  • Diploma in Advertisement and Design
Specialized Certification courses
  • Mastering Modeling - Texturing - Lighting
  • Mastering Animation & Rigging
  • Mastering Dynamics & VFX
  • Mastering The Foundry NUKE
  • International Certificate in Digital art of animation


  • Training in the real time production pipeline
  • Advanced Core to Quad workstations
  • Studio
  • HD cameras
  • Pro Tools sound mixing units
  • FCP suite
  • Sound dubbing facilities
  • Professional edit suites
  • DVD library
  • Gaming area
  • Screening theater
  • Model’s library
  • Digital tablets
  • Library and research facility
  • Cameras and professional Lights for VFX shoots
  • Cafeteria


  • India's first authorized Nuke Training center
  • Internship program with Holy Cow studio, Philippines
  • Internship program with Gemini studio, Chennai

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