Clutter Nutters

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Clutter Nutters
Clutter Nutters.png
Genre Game Show
Presented by Nigel Clarke
Hannah Sandling
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 15
Original network CBBC Channel

Clutter Nutters is a children's TV show produced by Ricochet in 2006 for the CBBC Channel, where two contestants battle it out to win a prize and at the same time, tidy their bedrooms. There are lots of different steps to the programme:

Guide and aims[edit]

  • 1. Clear all the clutter from contestants bedrooms.
  • 2. Weigh all the cleared items
  • 3. Separate clutter into piles which you want to keep (Love it) or get rid of (Lose it).
  • 4. Complete tasks in which you have to reduce the Lose It pile, e.g. selling at a market, holding a yard sale or using a computer to hold an internet auction.
  • 5. Put what you weren't able to get rid of into another two piles - one to be recycled and one to donate
  • 6. Whatever is unusable (e.g. old colouring books or broken toys) is thrown away (into Colin the Dustbin, a 'clutter compactor').
  • 7. Contestants weigh their remaining items.
  • 8. Whichever contestant has lost the most 'clutter' wins a prize, usually tickets to the theatre, football game or other recreational outing.
  • 9. Both contestants are shown their new rooms which have been redecorated by the presenters - regardless of whether they want it or not.

Forfeits include two 5 kg teddy bears which are awarded to the contestants who sells or donates the least amount of clutter


Each team must battle it out to raise the most money and avoid the 5 kg teddies. Selling usually includes online auctions, car boot sales, yard sales, auctions or going to a market.

Recycle and Donate[edit]

This is the part of the show when you're given three minutes to sort the rest of your lose it piles into things you can recycle and things you can donate. The contestant with the least amount of things gets the second 5 kg teddy.


There are two weigh-ins. The first weigh-in is when you weigh all your clutter from your bedrooms. It usually gets compared to an animal such as a panda or a jaguar. The final weigh-in is when you put your love it piles on the scales which tells you who has won.


The winner gets a prize which is usually something like a ticket to a football match. Both winner and runner-up get a surprise bedroom makeover.


  • Colin: a dustbin
  • 5 kg teddies: your forfeits

Mini Clutter Nutters[edit]

Mini Clutter Nutters is a cut down version of the show which is usually giving you top selling tips.



  • 1. Oscar & Alabama
  • 2. Lucy & Yasmin
  • 3. Kieran & Amber
  • 4. Mariatou & Yassin
  • 5. Kirstie & Daniel
  • 6. Tara & Bethan
  • 7. Ellie & Chris
  • 8. Chloe & Callum
  • 9. Jessica & Sophie
  • 10. Olivia & Ellie
  • 11. Adam & Alex
  • 12. Keely & Jessica
  • 13. Alfie & Luke
  • 14. Tom & Emily
  • 15. Tom & Olivia

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