Clyde, Georgia

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Clyde was a place in Bryan County, Georgia, United States. It was formerly a town.

Clyde was named after Sir Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde.

The history of the town is uncertain, in part due to destruction of records in a fire. The Bryan county seat was in a town called Eden since at least 1860; some think Eden was an earlier name for the same place later known as Clyde. In either case, by 1901 Clyde was listed as the Bryan County seat, keeping that role through 1935. Even though the history is uncertain The city was burned down to build Ft. Stewart The seat was moved to Pembroke, Georgia in 1937.

Clyde was located on an unpaved portion of former Georgia State Highway 30 (later Hwy 63), now decommissioned, about one-third of the way up from Richmond Hill, Georgia, on the way to Pembroke. The land where Clyde formerly stood was taken over by the United States Army for an artillery range, and became part of Fort Stewart.