Clyde Purnell

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Olympic medal record
Men's football
Representing  Great Britain
Gold medal – first place 1908 London Team competition
1908 Summer Olympics

Clyde Honeysett Purnell (14 May 1877 – 14 August 1934) was an English amateur footballer who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics. He was the son of John and Emily Purnell.

He was an avid sportsman being involved in cycling, cricket, tobogganing, and billiards. He became the Olympic Sporting Club captain at the age of 18 (1895). From 1897 to 1902 he was on the winning team in the Lawn Tennis Shield competition. In 1905 he picked up the runners up medal at Shepherd's Bush in the FA Amateur Cup. In 1907 he won the FA Amateur Cup he won the FA Amateur Cup with Clapton F.C. In the final against Eston United his team won 6-0 and Purnell scored once. He was a member of the English team, which won the gold medal in the Olympic football tournament in 1908. Clyde scored 4 times in this match.[1][2]

He died on Folkestone Racecourse leaving a widow and son.


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