Cnephasia stephensiana

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Cnephasia stephensiana
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Section: Cossina
Family: Tortricidae
Tribe: Cnephasiini
Genus: Cnephasia
Species: C. stephensiana
Binomial name
Cnephasia stephensiana
(Doubleday, 1849)[1]
  • Sciaphila stephensiana Doubleday, 1850
  • Cnephasia octomaculana var. albooctomaculana Pierce & Metcalfe, 1915
  • Cnephasia anatolica Obraztsov, 1950
  • Cnephasia atlantis Filipjev, 1934
  • Cnephasia atlantis Filipjev, 1935
  • Cnephasia cinereipalpana Razowski, 1958
  • Cnephasia (Nephodesme) penziana var. clarana Real, 1953
  • Cnephasia chrysantheana ab. diffusana Hauder, 1913
  • Cnephasia hispanica Obraztsov, 1950
  • Cnephasia (Cnephasia) alternella form ind. interjunctana Real, 1953
  • Cnephasia kurentsovi Filipjev, 1962
  • Cnephasia octomaculana Curtis, 1826
  • Cnephasia octomaculana Curtis, 1829
  • Cnephasia octomaculana Curtis, 1850
  • Cnephasia (Nephodesma) penziana var. octomaculana Curtis, 1834
  • Cnephasia (Cnephasia) alternella form ind. parvana Real, 1953
  • Cnephasia perplexana Stephens, 1852
  • Cnephasia (Cnephasia) alternella form ind. peyerimhoffi Real, 1953
  • Cnephasia (Cnephasia) alternella form ind. pseudochrysantheana Real, 1953
  • Cnephasia (Cnephasia) alternella form ind. rectilinea Real, 1953
  • Cnephasia (Cnephasia) alternella form ind. siennicolor Real, 1953
  • Sciaphila stolidana Walker, 1863
  • Cnephasia uniformana Caradja, 1916
  • Cnephasia (Cnephasia) alternella form ind. vulgaris Real, 1953
  • Cnephasia wilkinsoni Real, 1952

Cnephasia stephensiana, the grey tortrix, is a moth of the Tortricidae family. It is found in the Palearctic ecozone, and has also been recorded from Canada.

The wingspan is 18–23 mm. Adults are on wing from May to August.

Eggs are laid in July and August and hatch after about three weeks. The young caterpillars make a cocoon in which they overwinter. They start feeding in spring. In the beginning they mine. Later they live in folded leaves. The caterpillars pupate from April to July.

The larvae are polyphagus and have been recorded from over 120 plant species. It is sometimes considered a plague on various agricultural crops.


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