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Co-operative Energy Limited
Business of an Industrial and Provident Society, registered under the Companies Acts
Industry Public Utility
Founded 2010
Products Gas and electricity supply
Parent The Midcounties Co-operative

The Co-operative Energy is a British energy supply company based in Warwick that began trading in 2010. It is an alternative to the Big Six energy suppliers and, given that its parent is Midcounties Co-operative, it is the only co-operative supplier in the market.[1]


Co-operative Energy launched in 2010 as an alternative to the Big Six energy suppliers. Any member of Midcounties Co-operative can share in the profits from The Co-operative Energy.

The company currently has three sites with one office in Warwick and two offices in Walsall.

In 2012, Co-operative Energy was awarded the Which? Positive Change Award, which recognises a company that has made significant changes to give its customers a better deal.[2]

In 2014, User Chooser was launched by Co-operative Energy to allow customers to choose where their Electricity is sourced from.[3] This service won the EU Sustainable Energy Europe Award in 2015.[4]

A problematic upgrade to its online customer service and billing system in 2015 resulted in numerous problems and a large backlog in dealing with issues.[5] By the end of 2015 it was the most complained about utility company, measured in complaints per thousand customers.[6] By the end of 2016 these issues had been resolved and the company was paying out £1.8 million in compensation to customers.[7]

In November 2016 Co-operative Energy announced that it would take on all 160,000 customers of collapsed firm GB Energy on their existing price tariff. Ofgem said it had chosen Co-operative Energy after "a competitive process to get the best deal possible". All GB Energy's staff were to be transferred on the same terms to Co-operative Energy.[8]

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